Sweden: 2 Pali "Asylum Seekers" Busted For Bomb-Manufacturing in Malmö Apartment

Malmö: Copenhagen Airport bomb plot foiled

Islam in Europe

The security police blew up a suspected bomb factory in Malmö New Year’s Eve. Two men were arrested. According to the charges, the bomb was to be used for an attack against Copenhagen Airport.

The raid was conducted before midnight Wednesday. The police got tips that bombs were being prepared in an apartment on Smedjekullsgatan in Malmö.

Day after day after day more of this crap. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to stop the  Mohammedan invasion?

11 thoughts on “Sweden: 2 Pali "Asylum Seekers" Busted For Bomb-Manufacturing in Malmö Apartment”

  1. Another murky story, buried in the memory hole by the mainstream. Copenhagen would have been an ideal target for terror last month.

  2. Well – its not so simple – the tip probably came from concerned muslims who have not been indoctrinated by the likes of choudhury and ilk. We should protect these folk (not choundhury and its ilk) but those muslims who want to contribute and integrate into our societies..

  3. Kaw there aint many muslims who wanna integrate thats the problem. Get them out of the west to rule their own filth ridden shit holes. Let us decent humans live in our “decadent” society and be happy to be rid of this scum!

  4. Outlaw Islam. All muslims should be sent to live in muslim countries, even if you are a convert. Pack your bags, there is no more welfare just a one-way ticket to the dark ages.

  5. Infidel,
    Point well taken, but there are too many liberals in your government for your proposal to kick off. There are smarter ways of getting rid of this menace. Have your government regulate Islamic immigration. Strip violators of the citizenship. Deport illegals. Expose Islam through its writings as some are doing here in this part of the world. Preach the Gospel to them.

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