Swedish "Minister for Integration" Gets Wake Up Call

Jihad Watch:

Swedish “minister for integration”: Jihadists “a ticking bomb in our society”

She didn’t say “jihadists,” of course. She said “violence-affirming Islamists.”

And that is just one small indication of the probability that when Swedish authorities tackle the problem of how to lure Muslims away from jihad, they will do so in complete ignorance of the jihad doctrine, and with the evidence-free assumption that Islam teaches peace and that those Muslims who teach violence and commit acts of violence are hijacking the religion and twisting its teachings. And that ignorance, and that assumption, will doom their efforts to failure.

“Sweden to tackle ‘ticking bomb’ of Islamic violence,”

from The Local, January 19

Sweden needs to do more to help young “violence-affirming Islamists” turn their backs on extremist organizations, minister for integration Nyamko Sabuni said on Tuesday.“Either society helps support their way back to a normal life, or we have a ticking bomb in our society,” Sabuni told Sveriges Radio (SR).

No kidding, really?

Other News:

She added that she has tasked the Swedish National Board for Youth Affairs (Ungdomsstyrelsen) to survey the needs of people who need assistance quitting Islamic extremist groups.Sweden has previously supported people’s efforts to leave neo-Nazi groups, but according to Sabuni, similar programmes need to be developed for young people who are drawn to violent Islamic extremism.

“We’ve identified a number of networks and organizations which primarily recruit young people who feel excluded from society,” Sabuni told SR….

That’ll do it. Make ’em feel included. Then the jihad ideology will evanesce like the dew.