The Real Palestinian Beauty Queen: The One Who Kills The Most Jews

From the Vicious Babushka:

Trying to wack the Germans into dhimmitude:

“Iran Holds Evidence on Germany’s Key Role in Tehran’s Recent Unrest’s”

TEHRAN (FNA)– An Iranian deputy intelligence minister said that a number of German diplomats were involved in Tehran’s unrests on Ashoura day on December 27.

“One of the networks, whose members were arrested on Ashoura day, had contacts with German intelligence service through the country’s diplomats” in Tehran, an Iranian deputy intelligence minister said.

“The network included a number of young men and women who had contacts with the foreign agents and websites and ran a propaganda campaign via the so-called ‘Green’ groups,” the official said.

“The network was linked to German diplomats via a female member who attended their parties and private circles and exchanged intelligence information and news with them on a daily basis,” he said.

The intelligence ministry official pointed out that the German diplomats used the said network for identifying intelligence centers in Iran and attracting potential members.

On Sunday, December 27, anti-government protesters in Tehran took advantage of the Ashoura mourning ceremonies to chant slogans against high-ranking Iranian officials.

In response, Millions of Iranian people took part in massive rallies in Tehran and other cities across the country to voice their strong support for the country’s Islamic establishment and Supreme Leader and condemn insult by a group of Sunday demonstrators to Imam Hossein (AS).

Iran said it was evident for the country that the anti-government riots were led by foreigners.

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi had revealed earlier in January that “several foreign nationals” had been detained during the unrests.

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  2. And we have evidence that the iranian thugs manufactured evidence to falsely implicate foreign nationals and countries. Just more lies and dishonesty for a group of islamic intolerant imbeciles.

  3. The filth that permeates across this culture compells these women to cover their hands even – (makes them look like ninjas).

    Women get NOTHING out of this religion – yet they can’t find the strength to rebel against it. What is this woman’s incentive for killing her enemies? How will she be rewarded? She’ll be pimping a brother in paradise I suppose.

    Blind slave – blinded by her scarf.

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