The Religion of Peace on a rainy afternoon….

Jihad du Jour: Suicide Bomber Takes Out Two Children…

The Kinks: Sunny Afternoon

Christian 12-year-old girl raped and killed by Muslim Attorney

Atlas Shrugs:

The Christian girl Shazia was working as a Domestic Worker in AA 444 Defense Lahore with Muhammad Naeem Lawyer of Lahore High Court Lahore. He never paid a single penny to Shazia from last 8 months. On 21st of January 2010. Shazia’s Mother received a dead body of her younger girl 13 year and was shocked then she called some people from her neighbor and then they called mid Khalid Shahzad G Secretary Forum of Minorities.

Allah has blessed America with Sharia-compliant public servants who see-no-Islam, even when it inspires massacre. Useless Fort Hood Report

Malaysia and the Myth of Islamic Tolerance

Muslims have a slight majority in Malaysia – and it’s starting to show. (FrontPage Magazine)

A Christian’s $15,000 Challenge

I am willing to go to the largest mass at the Vatican in Rome dressed up in Muslim garb with a Koran in hand if Foster agrees to go to the Hajj in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with a visible cross around his neck.  /  by Walid Shoebat

Hamas Fundraisers Allowed Back in U.S. as ‘Muslim Outreach’ Plan

Outreach my ass!  The Obama bastard is lifting a ban on Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Hasan al Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, and  Islamo-headbanger Adam Habib of South Africa.

Hey, let’s talk about Islam!

Pentagon’s recent report on the Ft. Hood terrorist attack: Pentagon’s PC putzes wouldn’t recognize a Muslim terrorist if one jumped up and bit them on the butt/ our ancestors knew: how come we’re so stoopid?

Willie Clitman’s wife threatens Iran with another  ‘strongly-worded resolution’

Ahmadinejad is shaking in his shoes!

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran reportedly has $100 million in personal assets stashed in various places abroad. It’s not really all that much by the standards of Third World dictators — Hugo Chavez spends that much every week on bath salts and hair pomade. Mad Jad and his fellow theocrats are alleged to have $16 billion stowed overseas, but some of it is tied up in assets that have been frozen by foreign governments. From the Gates of Vienna>>>

Fight for Cultural Equality: UN Okays Cannibalism, Slavery

The Intergovernmental Cultural Climate Change Panel (ICCCP) declared its support for the recent UN announcement that all cultures are equally valid. Expanding on the resolution the group declared the rights of people are now culturally defined, rather than being based on any universal notion or concept. They suggest the term “human rights” is therefore both outmoded and racist as it would impose value for human life which some cultures don’t accept. They recommended the term “multi-cultural peoples’ rights” be used instead.

“We take the announcement to mean our practices of torture, vendetta, and suppression of women and minorities dating back centuries have now been recognized as just different cultures different ways of doing things differently,” said ICCCP spokesman Moussa Stache. “This measure will finally legitimize the long-sought revival of some of our members’ traditional practices of cannibalism, slavery, head-hunting, and human sacrifice. Every society has rights to human rites.”

After the announcement there was hand shaking and gift giving all around the chamber until it was pointed out this principle could be taken as validating Jewish culture as well. The members hurriedly reconvened, working around the clock for a work-around. The following day the panel declared Zionism a criminal conspiracy and not culture as recognized by the UN. As such, Judaism and Jews are to be reclassified as sub-UN.

Explained Moussa Stache, “There are no inferior cultures, but there are inferior people.”

there’s more, there’s always more. From the Peoples Cube

Rotterdam mosque: complete or demolish?

Islamization Watch

It has been seven years, and the construction of the Essalam mosque in Rotterdam has still not been completed. Rotterdam council has informed the mosque executive that its building permit will expire if it cannot provide proof of adequate funds to complete the project. So the question is, will the Moroccan community in Rotterdam South ever be able to pray in a new mosque?

Ask me if I give a f*#k!

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  1. Any of you seen Dumb and Dumber? In the movie, both characters had an affinity for one another although there was much competition between them. Doesn’t that sound like western governments and Islam?

  2. It just doesnt look right.

    How could the Dutch- a nation famous for so many great artists, cannot see that a mosque just does not suit the European landscape – physically or aesthetically.

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