Train Crash

When Prozac, Valium and Cannabis fail, Islam grabs a lost soul.

Which reminds me of this: “What’s liberating about Islam is that one is spared from having to think.”

Allegra Mostyn-Owen

Fresh start: Allegra Mostyn-Owen, Boris Johnson’s ex-wife, teaches art in a mosque and has married a 23-year-old Muslim man

Most art is -you guessed it- haram in Islam. Me thinks this woman is in for a surprise….

There is a  market in the marriage to older western women in the Muslim world – these younger men look to marrying these older non-virgins to secure Western passports. It appears Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s ex fell for such a scheme.

‘Vast numbers of educated, privileged middle-class white women have converted to Islam’ [Mark Steyn]

This seems symbolic of something or other. The ex-wife of Boris Johnson (Mark Steyn’s old boss and now the mayor of London) has married a young Muslim man and now teaches at a mosque in the East End.

Case Closed [Mark Steyn]

In Foreign Policy, a man called Blake Hounshell dispatches us Euro-doom mongers definitively:

Europe is going to be just fine, thank you.

Oh, well, that’s that then.

6 thoughts on “Train Crash”

  1. Hankering for the old days when women didn’t have to think much and make decisions and…..not be held accountable for their actions!

    I do not know. It is just a guess and I feel so sad for her.

    Life’s too short and exciting to live like a zombie!

  2. Who else but a muzzie would marry an old hag like that. The funniest thing I ever heard was her statement that when she is old, she would have someone to look after her. Boy, is she in for some surprise.

  3. Is the stupid, desperate creature the reason dear Boris has eased up on mohammedans?

    Why has a ‘young’ man married her? Does she have a good income? Which wife is she? Number 1, 2, 3 or 4? She looks a tad too old to churn-out numerous baby mohammedans for Allah.

    She deserves all that is coming to her. Not an iota of sympathy from me.

    “Who else but a muzzie would marry an old hag like that.”
    ciccio, the secret is – he won’t need to look at her when she is entombed in a burqa!

  4. yes she has a good income. yes she is deluded and insane. yes she has idiotic romantic notions about the ‘peace’ of islam. yes he is after citizenship in europe, and possibly money too. yes she is using her previous connection to the mayor to publicize herself. if it weren’t for that, she’d be just another one of those stupid gora bitches in headscarfs you see pushing buggies full of baby-mo’s around london. the pak boy is in for quite a ride tho, as she is notoriously bonkers.
    Ali cum salami

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