Trust Your Muslim Jihad Police (Or Better Not)

Sack. Them. All.

Then, there are the cases of Hasan Nidal who killed 13 US soldiers and wounded 30 before breakfast, and Hasan Akbar, who rolled grenades into the tent of his sleeping fellow soldiers. That’s just for starters. What you think is going to happen when your daughter gets raped by Muslims and you try to report the crime to a Muslim police officer?

But no. The multicultural befuddlement and the denial continues:

Muslim Brotherhood Member Becomes Illinois Police Chaplain

The Illinois State Police’s first Muslim chaplain, Sheikh Kifah Mustapha, is listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the terrorism financing trial of the Holy Land Foundation and a member of the radical Muslim Brotherhood organization by the federal government, reports The Investigative Project on Terrorism.  From CAN/via Muslims against sharia

Melanie Philipps: The thin blue line of jihad

The Telegraph reports that the National Association of Muslim Police has attacked government policy on countering Islamic extremism. In evidence to a parliamentary committee investigating Islamic extremism, the NAMP attacked  the Government’s anti-terrorism strategy, warning that it is an ‘affront to British values’ which threatens to trigger ethnic unrest… that ministers were wrong to blame Islam for being the ‘driver’ behind recent terrorist attacks.

The very idea that police officers form themselves into interest groups of any stripe whatever should be anathema to the ethic of policing.  For Muslim police officers to deny this is extremely disturbing. It means they have bought into the radical narrative of systematic denial and deceit. More>>

Not. They are just being good Muslims….

FBI raid on Detroit mosque leads local Muslims to redouble efforts to cooperate with authorities — no, wait…

“Deadly FBI raid in Dearborn prompts concern over informants: Muslims, civil rights advocates decry tactic,” by Niraj Warikoo for the Detroit Free Press

Dalia Mogahed recommends more interfaith dialogue:

“…part of a project on finding ways to increase understanding between Americans and Muslims….”

Hugh sez: That’s part of what this site does. It tries to find ways to “increase understanding between Americans and Muslims” as well as trying to “increase understanding” between non-Muslims of other nationalities and Muslims.

Mogahed slyly links antisemitism with prejudice against Muslims, smoothly gliding over the inveterate antisemitism found among Muslims and justified by the Qur’an

“Groups working against the two types of prejudices should perhaps form a closer alliance,” she said….

“Let’s form a closer alliance,” said the fox to the hens.

National Association of Muslim Police Links to Khomeinist Front Organisation

From Harry’s Place:

The National Association of Muslim Police is in the headlines today.

The Muslim officers believe the Government is wrong to blame Islam as the main driver of terrorist activity.

Research by “those convicted of terrorism acts shows Islam was not, and is not, a real driver but all our strategy seem to focus on is this un-evidenced view of Islam being the driver,” they said.

The website of the NAMP links to the Khomeinist front organisation, the so-called ‘Islamic Human Rights Commission’. Twice.

5 thoughts on “Trust Your Muslim Jihad Police (Or Better Not)”

  1. * A Muslim policeman removed from his job guarding the Prime Minister on “national security grounds” yesterday launched a claim for compensation.

    [He was appointed after the Metropolitan Police launched a programme to “recruit more black and minority ethnic officers and staff into specialist units”.]

    Madness takes its toll. Please have the exact change.

  2. * Top Muslim policeman preparing for race tribunal -UK-

    “Mr Ghaffur, who is responsible for security at the 2012 Olympics, has employed a senior barrister to draw up legal papers.”

    Londonistan would be a good place to avoid in the lead up to 2012 and beyond, even without a mega-mosque next to the Olympic stadium.

  3. NAMP quote, “Our British system is a model for the world to follow, yet we have embarked on a journey that has put this very core of British values under real threat.”

    Our? Our? What “Our”?. Muslims are claiming that Britain’s civilisational values, based on 1000+ years of Christianity, are the values they subscribe to?

    Of course not. They are simply using those freedoms and values to subvert them for the benefit of Islam.

    There are lies, damned lies, statistics, and then there is Taqqiya.

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