Viva Calabria! Italy v Islam: 1:0 – Muslims flee Italian town after riots

More than 900 immigrants Moslem Invaders fled a southern Italian town on Saturday after residents violently attacked African farm workers.

9News/H/T Dhumme Dhimmi

The clashes, which began late on Thursday, left 67 people injured in the Calabrian town of Rosarno, but calm was generally restored on Saturday, with barricades erected by locals dismantled and shops open.

The injured included 31 foreigners, the latest of whom was fired at with a shotgun on Saturday, as well as 19 police officers and 17 locals, police said.

Locals applauded as buses with police escorts left, taking immigrants from Rosarno to the towns of Crotone, 170km away, and Bari, around 400km to the northeast.

Meanwhile in Malaysia:

Two more Malaysian churches attacked

Two more Malaysian churches were targeted by arsonists on Sunday, police and church officials said, as a row escalated over the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslims / 9News thanks to Dhumme

“Around 910 foreigners have been evacuated to Crotone and Bari,” local police chief Mario Morcone told AFP.

A further 210 immigrants were expected to depart during the evening and night, taking the total to leave the area past 1,100, Morcone said, adding that the situation in Rosarno was slowly returning to normal.

The Italian authorities have said immigrants taking the special buses will not be arrested, even if they arrived in the country illegally.

Some of the immigrants who came to the region in their thousands to work on the fruit harvest are fleeing despite being owed wages by their employers.

What fruit harvest? In January? This is from another ink-sucker who has his head up his ass….

Francis, a 25-year-old from Ghana, said he was owed 200 euros ($A312) but was too frightened to stay. “If we don’t leave, we will die,” he said. “We came here to work and now people are shooting at us.”

The violence broke out on Thursday when hundreds of immigrants, most of them Africans employed illegally, demonstrated after some of them had been shot at with air rifles, according to Italian news agency ANSA.

Demonstrators set fire to cars and smashed windscreens before police intervened, leading to a scuffle that left several of the demonstrators injured.

On Friday, local residents set up roadblocks and occupied the town hall, before violence erupted once more.

In separate incidents on Friday, two immigrants were beaten and seriously wounded with iron bars, media and officials said. One of the wounded was admitted to hospital for brain surgery.

Two other immigrants were hit in the legs with shotgun pellets and five more were deliberately run over by vehicles driven by locals, they said. They suffered minor injuries.

Interior Minister Roberto Maroni, a member of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, said the tensions were a result of “too much tolerance towards clandestine immigration”.

The right-wing newspaper Il Giornale, owned by the family of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, agreed that illegal immigrants should be kept out.

The majority of workers in Rosarno lived in a disused factory just outside the town of 15,000 inhabitants, with just eight chemical toilets and three showers for 1,000 people.

Compared with other immigrants camping out in freezing conditions in old farm buildings, those living among the factory’s old machines and pipes were the lucky ones.

According to Italy’s main trade union CGIL, about 50,000 immigrant workers in Italy live in poor conditions similar to those in Rosarno, being housed in insalubrious huts without running water.

It said immigrants employed as farm labourers earned low wages of around 25 euros ($A39) a day.

One employer, Pasquale Giovinazzo, 60, justified the low wages, saying the African workers were less experienced than Italians.

The union also accused the mafia of controlling the sector and criticised Maroni’s statement, saying immigrants were paid “miserable salaries and have terrible hours, similar to slavery”.

F*kc off and take your bleeding hearts with you, fools! In Africa they would have trouble earning a dollar a day…!

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  1. I am not against offering someone from a poor country a temporary job harvesting the crops provided they abide by the laws and mores of our country. Once the harvest is complete they should be sent on their way back to their families in the country from which they came.

    If the government is willing to pay for passage to import them in for hired help then the government should be willing to pay to ship them back. If these people refuse to go and disappear into the citizenry they should be reported to authorities and deported immediately.

    We get immigrants coming in to work on farms in Canada but once the harvest is over they are returned to Jamaica or Haiti or wherever they came from. Farmers have chosen to adopt families if they prove they are good workers and integrate nicely. But the risk lies in the integration, particularly if they are Muslim, as social and political integration is strictly prohibited under Islamic law.

    Our immigration policies need a serious “auditing” if we are to prevent this kind of violence from escalating. And it will escalate. Italy is now on Islam’s bad books and we can expect increased Muslim rioting in protest of this.

  2. I LOVE Italy and Italians!!! These rioting scum who would love to change the whole of Europe and the world got a shock when the locals fought back. Good job this didnt happen in UK, they would have been given massive compensation and had a mosque or two built in their honour. Or be made knights! The Italians stand up for their way of life and Christian values, the rest of Europe should follow their example. Enough is enough!!!! A Christian Soldier.

  3. Whoever condones or applauds this type of behavior is neither a true Christian nor a true Italian.

    I am both Christian and Italian and I can say that this is not the Italian way. I feel embarrassed that an ignorant mob of Italians have done this to innocent human beings that are just a product of our repressive environment.

    I have read all your comments and must say that an apology should be made for your posted ignorance.

    Why did this ignorant mob of Italians not take there anger out on the local politicians who are not vigilant against keeping more control or on the business owners who pay immigrants under the table and refuse to follow the rules.

    I will tell you why- because it is the ignorant mobs of people that are misled and are not intelligent enough to organize in a peaceful manner. Whether it is the intolerant Muslim or the intolerant Christian we will never see peace until we practice tolerance for people with different beliefs.

    The rush of emotions coming from you who say you are “Christians,” is truly a mockery to true Christians. One who believes in God does not breed violence in the name of Christianity.

    I just want to let the people on this board know that the true evil lies not in the people that are trying make a better living in a less hostile environment nor those it lie in the mobs of angry people that are quick to pass judgment.

    The true evil lies in the people that are the puppeteers who set the traps for the weak and the hungry prey. Remember this, whether you are a Christian, a Muslim or a Jew. We can all live in peace if we all decide to do good for mankind. It is unfortunate that there is a few that profit from the kindness of the good and cause tension amongst us of different races and religion.

    If the world and the people want peace then they must realize that there are very evil forces at play which try to tell us that we are so much different and that the other race/religion is wrong. When is the world going to wake up and realize that we all have the same beating hearts!!!!

    The one’s they say that are fighting our wars!!! -Doesn’t matter which side is “fighting the good fight”. They are both wrong. It is wrong in this day and age to bear any kind of arms against anyone.

    How many people out there would opt for peace if given the choice?

    How many people can tolerate having a neighbor practicing a different religion?

    How many people would sign a new world constitution that would protect everyone’s rights regardless of age, sex, creed, or income? Is this not the root of the problem?

    I can go on and on -But I haven’t much time to talk sense to a crazy world of idiots.

    So I hope that these words resonate amongst the distracted multitude. For those of you who are enlightened individuals and understand what I am saying, then I say, peace onto you my brother.

  4. So many are on the wrong is you who are truly ignorant. You do not recognize an enemy so you will have a very short life.

  5. Who are you preaching to, Marius Verde? Do you honestly believe that your message of love, tolerance and the “same beating heart” means anything to mozzies and to our fallen nature? Yours is an old tune that humanists and liberals love to play, a tune that is about to cause the downfall of western civilization.

    The ONLY message that can bring about true change to our “beating hearts” is that of the Lord Jesus Christ. Here, check this out:

  6. Therese J. – God Bless You and may he grant you enlightenment. You are your worst enemy.

    nolaughingmatter – You say, my tune is one that will cause “The downfall of Western Civilization” -Interesting remark.

    My view is one of true enlightenment and one that does not impose upon other’s beliefs. It is a view that allows all to cohabit and share and respect each other’s beliefs. It is the society of the future.

    I think your tune will cause the destruction of the world. You are imposing your views where I am simply saying that we must all live in harmony without imposing our views onto others.

    Is it not enough if people are just good. Does everyone have to choose Jesus Christ? What if they choose God instead? What if they decide that doing good is what they choose?

    This view of my religion is better than yours has got to end from all religious views! Who’s to say that someone else’s religion is not right?

    You cannot bring peace to this world by showing some bias videos of how Muslims have accepted the word of Jesus, suggesting that others should follow suit. For in doing so you are also making it acceptable for Muslim’s to show how some Christians have also accepted the word of their Prophet. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of religions understanding each other and I think it is a great start towards the beginning of inclusion of all religions.

    You see, it should not matter what a person chooses as their religion as long the person is not subjected to a pluralistic society in which the majority is always right. If the majority is always right then the minority becomes repressed and will eventually rebel.

    So if your peaceful activism is demonstrated by spreading the word of Jesus and trying to convert Muslim’s then you are on the wrong path.

    People should be free. Romano Guardini was a great philosopher who talked about the Virtue of Understanding. Perhaps you need to be enlightened a little about this virtue and then you will see that you must give other’s their freedom’s and not act out of self interest and impose your way of life on others.

    The world does not need more war. I am not choosing religious sides here! I am asking all sides to come to a knew understanding for the future. If a knew understanding is not achieved then there will be more chaos and unrest.

    I hate to argue with you. But this is precisely what the evil forces want – they want to create a polarization between different races and religions. This keeps the “lesser beings” like ourselves distracted from seeing what the real puppet masters have contrived.

    You know if we go on like this we are digging the graves deeper and deeper. People need to stop listening to the channels which incite bias views.

    If everyone just said I will be free and not fight anyone’s war we would all be at peace. Am I right? Why do we as Muslims, Jews or Christians send people off to war? Can we not just all agree to not participate in war.

    I am waiting for the day that every nation along with all their military decide to throw their weapons away. I am waiting for that day to happen! I think eventually it will happen. Everyone throw down your weapons!!!! This world is now a world of peace!!! Every person will have the right to practice their own religion as long as it does not put someone else to death.

    Does anyone here agree with these views? I don’t think anyone here wants to actually join an army to kill another? Is this war thing not a thing of the past. Isn’t war like a thing that barbarians use to practice? Have we not evolved yet from having to use death as a form of ending an argument? Have we not realized that war is not an answer?

    War is not good! War is evil! War means loss of lives!

    When will people realize this!

  7. Theresa, I don’t claim to take any religious views. You are obviously uneducated and weak. A perfect prey for your masters. Do you think that this is the Christian way? Being part of some radical christian opinion group – you are no better than an extremist muslim.

    I’m on this board to let everyone know that this board needs to evolve to another board. A board that offers real solutions to a problem. You guys that actually believe the shit on this board are being pushed further from the real solution to the problem.

    Wake up Theresa! You too are welcome in this world! No one has to die and no one is going to war anymore. So you can stop feeding the frenzy like a brainwashed idiot. This is the same type of thinking that caused Hitler to brainwash Germany. We don’t need you to be brain washed by this religious polarization.

  8. Marius Verde February 26, 2010 at 8:11 am & February 26, 2010 at 9:07 am.

    What a utopian rant!

    We like P-E-A-C-E, but when people like to do the things that are published on this site and others, firstly it alerts us. Then it makes us aware and not afraid. Then word spreads on these sites to alert more and more and more sites. Soon we have a world-wide body of people ready to put a stop to this sort of nonense for our children’s and their children’s future.

    It won’t be pretty for a while, but so be it!

  9. Maruis,
    In which world do you exist??? Both your posts have sufficiently large logical gaps for an AN-124 to fly through comfortably. In case you had not realized most people here a responding to a real and present threat – islam – which will use war and violence to force others to accept it – and if you haven’t realized this yet you are an idiot! Another point – if you want to keep your freedoms you have to fight for them – Hitler and thugs started WW2 effectively because fuck-wits like you allowed them to. There is an old saying “Evil trumps when good men do nothing”. It is as true now as when it was first spoken. You choose to do nothing – fine – but just piss off and waste some one elses time – YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM AND YOU OFFER NO SOLUTION.

  10. Wow, take it easy there Marius. Hold your horse.

    Indeed, Europe does not want war, but your nice immigrant guests do. In fact, they want to subject you and if you won’t they will kill you, take over your home, erradicate any trace of your freedom to think outside their box, and they will certainly convert your church into a mosque. Is that what you want?

    If what you are reading on this site does not alert in any way, then I sure hope this will.

    Never got a chance to talk to him although I used to spot him walking in my home town. The he vanished and not long after that I saw his face on the news, Here’s more:

    I dare you to and preach this “world love” message of yours in one of their ghettos and should you survive their wrath come back and tell us your findings.

  11. Marius Verde: “It is a view that allows all to cohabit and share and respect each other’s beliefs. It is the society of the future.”

    It is for a limited time only – a delusion. “When the [crescent?] moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars then peace will guide the planet. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius” (etc).

    * When they say, There is peace and no danger, then sudden destruction will come on them, as birth-pains on a woman with child; and they will not be able to get away from it. (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

  12. Marius Verde: “This is the same type of thinking that caused Hitler to brainwash Germany.”

    When you are pushing New Age beliefs and values, Marius, you might have a bo-peep at where their roots lie – ascended masters, hierarchy, Shamballah, Bailey, Blavatsky & all sort of stuff that is relevant but not really topical in here. Beware of false prophets, and false christs, including that of the New Age that you appear to follow, consciously or otherwise.

  13. Hey Theresay !…Marius at first says he ‘Bless You’ and a bite later you are a Jerk and you can go to Hell !..HaHaHaaaa.
    Marius you are a lot of things as i can see,a Christian,an Italian and maybe too a bit of a Corananimal………I am always careful with people who throw flowers to you without you even know them usually they are hypocrites or Muslim ( It’s the same thing).

  14. Wow, you guys are really ganging up on me here. First of all when I said I am Italian. I didn’t say I lived in Italy. I was born and raised in Canada and have EU citizenship.

    There are very good Muslims living here in Canada that are hard working and contributing members of society.

    Sure there are extremists in every culture: We have the Mafia for the Italians, the Mafia for the Russians, The Triad for the Asians, the Hell’s Angels for the Americans. and so on and so forth. All the Organized Crime have committed acts of terrorism but we still allow them to coexist within our society. Are they not guilty of human trafficking and raping kids and enslaving them for sex? Are these not the worst crimes of humanity. This is happening in each one of your western countries. You have bigger problems to worry about then the spread of Islam.

    Muslims, are trying to leave their corrupt countries to find peace in Western civilization. You should show them some respect.

    There will be ghetto’s for every race in different parts of the world. You guys are all trying to generalize and say- “we have muslim ghetto’s in Europe- they must be trying to take over”. This is really what it sounds like to a conscious observer of this idiocy.

    Do we generalize like this with all the other bad groups of people that exist in this world? Do we say f*** does Nazi German’s all they want to do is control the world- why did we allow them to have a country of their own once more? Did we say f*** those Swiss who helped the Jews during WW2. Do we say f*** those Russians, they really are still communists with a shit load of bombs ready to take over and blow us all up. Do we say f*** those Brits for trying to manipulate the world markets? Do we say f*** those Muslims for trying to send suicide bombers here and there?

    The answer is that we should not hold the majority of the group accountable for crimes committed of a small sect of people within that group.

    If you expect people to think like you MOFO’s then tell me which country you are from and I will give a reason why the rest of the world should hate and eradicate your country.

    Are you German? Are you Italian? Are you French? Are you Dutch? What are you people.

    I am Canadian and proud of it. Proud because we do not act like some of you patriotic f***s who believe that they are better because of their race or religion.

    We are proud because we know that we are the most accepting Nation of this world which was built by the ancestors of you fucks in Europe who never had the balls to leave their spit of a village back home when they had a chance.

    Now you all cry like little babies and do whatever we tell you because we have all the power and you don’t!

    Who owns your Exchanges now? North America owns your Euronext- comprised of Paris, Amsterdam, and 4 others. North America is leading the world towards the future society. The big players have already marked their global foot print so there is no need for your useless chatter of how the world could be better with your ideologies.

    North America is not trying to wipe out Islam! They are trying to free the people from the radical oppressive groups within their countries!

    North America’s next plan is to consolidate world trade through the Stock Exchanges and through the World Trade Laws.

    So get with the big picture boys and girls- you guys sound like that crazy bitch in the Steven King movie, THE MIST.

  15. I agree with Marius. We should not condemn an entire group for the sins committed of a smaller sect within that group. For in doing so we would be condemning ourselves for all the crimes committed by others of our group.

  16. Hey Marius, where are you from? You sound like an enlightened soul that is worthy of a good blow job.

  17. Hey Sharon,

    I was born and raised in Canada. – Proud to be in a Country that promotes peace and respect for other cultures.

    You can suck my cock any day!

  18. Marius,
    You are an idiot – and Canada now has major problems because of idiots like you.

    St. Francis
    Firstly no Christian person would use the name of a saint as a moniker – so I suspect that you are probably a muz – in any case we are against islamists and islam – if moderate muslims do exist then we are not against them. We are against a philosophy that has already declared war against us. Sheik – if this idiot sends nasty stuff through please let him – I will enjoy ripping the idiot to pieces. Joan of Arc – again probably an insulting muz – you want to find a bully go to the islamic world – try be a Christian in Pakiland – so many example exist there that one can only question your intelligence when you call the posters here bullies.

  19. Marius my Ass ‘the shitty muslims liar Troll’ give me your adress i will show you,what is a Canadian and TODAY….Oké Ducon !
    Stop insulting my country,you have done absolutely nothing Here,you have contribuate to nothing,absolutely nothing and you are less than Nothing.Here in Canada we are not the friends of musslims and we will never be it’s just a matter of Hours or Seconds before we will send you back in your favorite Shitty islamic Hole.
    PS: Don’t forget your adress muslim Pygme,i need it Now.

  20. TO:
    Porky the Crusader-
    Mullah Lodabullah
    Dhumme Dhimmi

    I think we lost focus on the main issue. The main issue is that you blew the article out of context when you guys were applauding the behaviour of the Italians towards the immigrant workers. You think that is fair? The Italians employ them for cheap labour and then they get assaulted by the town folks? Is that just MR. Canadian? Your asking for my address MR. PORKY? Why don’t you give yours first?

    None of you have understood the message I am trying to relay to you folks as you are blinded by your own anger. I admit, I have used some harsh language towards you common folks in order to ignite your anger. I am just testing your hostility thresholds – and ironically- you people are not that hostile. You are all harmless and will do nothing of significance to actually solve the worlds problems except engage in the useless rhetoric you have created with this board.

    You realize that you PORKY, are embarrassing our country by sounding like a redneck.

    Secondly, I am Christian and I am a better Christian today for telling you that your anger and hate will not do you or your family any good.

    Can we still be friends here? The stuff I told you about the new world order is true and i hope you do your own research and see exactly how the society of the future is being created.

    We are always going to have people that will disagree with a free and peaceful society. There will be people that will be angry with what has happened or is happening.

    I agree that you should be vigilant in protecting yourself against a perceived enemy. But there are better ways. You can for example, create a network of community camera’s and monitor people in your community. You can eliminate the use of physical money so that you can track every electronic transaction and set algorithms to detect suspicious purchases. Like I said previously, there are evil forces at play that do not want to make this world a safer place.

    Securing your home starts with eliminating all the weak links. There are too many weak links in our security infrastructure. The good guys want all the security they can get. The bad guys don’t want it. The bad guys come in all shapes and sizes.


    1. ‘Secondly, I am Christian and I am a better Christian today for telling you that your anger and hate will not do you or your family any good.”

      No, you’re not. You are Moslem number # 2789 who sails under false flag.

      “… telling you that your anger and hate will not do you or your family any good.”

      More Moslem drivel. You guys sound like you all attend the same mosque.

      ” But there are better ways. You can for example, create a network of community camera’s and monitor people in your community.”

      No thank you. We don’t want to live in a police state. And we don’t want Mohammedans to tell us how to live either.

      you guys were applauding the behaviour of the Italians towards the immigrant workers. You think that is fair?”

      Mohammedanism is not fair. The treatment of minorities under Islam is genocidal. For you that’s fair. You believe its “unfair” to reject you and your ilk?

      I think not.

  21. OK, MV:

    “Secondly, I am Christian […] i hope you do your own research and see exactly how the society of the future is being created.”

    Where might I start researching this society of the future?

    “Global Peace and the rise of Antichrist” – Dave Hunt?
    “Revealing the New Age Jesus” – Douglas Groothuis
    “Unmasking the New Age” – ” ”
    “Insights for the Age of Aquarius” – Gina Cerminara
    “The Aquarian Conspiracy” – Marilyn Ferguson
    (and a whole book case with more)

    Or google:

    “new age” “age of aquarius” “sword of cleavage” “maitreya” “homo noeticus” (and on and on for hours)

    Where would you start, if you were to familiarise yourself with this coming “peaceful” age?

    This is what Jesus Christ had to say about “peace” and this coming “peaceful” age:

    “Peace I leave with you: my own peace I give to you. It is not as the world gives its greetings that I give you peace. Let not your hearts be troubled or dismayed.” (John 14:27)

    “For when they are saying, “Peace and safety,” then sudden destruction will come on them, like birth pains on a pregnant woman; and they will in no way escape.” (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

    There is a world leader who will destroy many through his “peace” agenda – he is Antichrist:

    “Through his policy he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and in [their] security shall he destroy many: he shall also stand up against the prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” (Daniel 8:25)

    This is where your future society is heading. It is doomed, like islam.

  22. MV: “You can eliminate the use of physical money so that you can track every electronic transaction and set algorithms to detect suspicious purchases.”

    Indeed, you can. You can go a step further and make all buying and selling dependent upon having a mark (xaragma) in the right hand or forehead, and cause all who refuse to receive such a mark to be killed.

    “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
    in order that no one should be allowed to buy or sell unless he had the mark–either the name of the Wild Beast or the number which his name represents. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred and sixty six.” (Revelation 13:16-18)

  23. Marius Verde February 27, 2010 at 4:56 pm


    Soon we have a world-wide body of people ready to put a stop to this sort of nonense for our children’s and their children’s future.

    It won’t be pretty for a while, but so be it!

  24. My comment is simple. The Italiam government should have the Italian prisoners doing the work of the immigrants.The prisoners should be paid a minimal wage and it shoud be kept in an account for them so they can pay for their room and board while they are in prison. If the Italians do not want immigrants in Their country then the Italian government shoud respect their wishes.

  25. All you Anti-Muslims suck. Go get a Muslim friend and see how they are. They aren’t demons because they follow a God-fearing faith. Same as you Christians (but not like you hateful ones). All the negative things you attribute to Islam isn’t Islamic. I could point to the same things in NON-MUSLIM MODERN DAY EUROPEAN CULTURES. But that doesn’t say anything about Christianity, its about the individuals.

  26. CyberPeacemaker,
    You are clearly one of the people who survive by hiding in the sand. Firstly, the problem is not that they (muslims) follow a “god-fearing” faith but that they demand that all of us follow the same faith. Given that religion is an open question, that is a bit much, particularly when muslims use violence and murder as primary tools to achieve their goals. All of the negative things that are attributed to islam here ARE islamic – this means that many muslims use their religion to justify the afore mentioned negative things (such as rape, murder, dishonesty etc etc). You are NOT all of islam, but you are very definitely part of the problem as you shut your eyes to the crimes committed by your co-religionists!!! Why?? And why do you expect us to keep quite when muslims behave so badly today??? I know muslims – some are normal people but some should be taken out against a wall and shot – the sooner the better. And muslim thugs are not a minority. The silence from the so called moderate muslim majority against the excesses and violence of the so-called muslim minority damns all muslims and say a great deal about the members of the muslim faith – none of it good. Try converting some of your co-religionists into reasonable human beings, and then come back. Until then piss off. To my knowledge, modern day European culture does not to destroy other cultures, and is extremely accommodating to the requests of others,, and is non-violent. Muslim cultures are violent, destructive animals who are trying to subsume European culture. In a direct comparison against islam your second last sentence is rubbish – go ahead and provide the examples to which you have inferred.

  27. * All the negative things you attribute to Islam isn’t Islamic.

    According to allah and its false prophet they are, and allah supposedly knows best:

    * Beheadings? Check (surah 8:12)

    * Make war on unbelievers until islam reigns supreme? Check (sura 8:39)

    * Fight Jews & Christians until they are subdued & pay jizya?
    Check (sura 9:29)

    That will do for openers. Anything else you want to know about islam?

    If you disagree with allah & its false prophet, reason with it and let it know where it is wrong. Have fun, and keep your head.

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