We got mail!

From ‘ole’ in Denmark, on “Turning back the clock in Turkey”

who says that Islam means Teror, Jihad and War… ?

That incorect… because if the islamic knowledge not eksist, how would we come to these modern days, caused the renusance in europe?

and if Islam just means Teror.. how has there been so many islamic empires which eksist in so long cenetries. And in them has chistians, muslims and jewhs humen lived side by side!

That’s right, ole. I hang my head in shame. Where would we be without the Mohammedan contributions?

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  1. “who says that Islam means Teror, Jihad and War… ?”

    Allah used words to that effect … “make war on them until allah’s religion reigns supreme” or words to that effect. The ultimate horror reality show – should have stuck to “My Restaurant Rules”, or the old Channel 9 wrestling show – all talk, no blood.

  2. Islam contributed almost NOTHING to the Renaissance. The poster should do some serious homework and should not listen to anything from muslim scum. Incidentally, all muslim empires where held together by violence and subjugation of the native populations. There is NO muslim empire to which any civilisation should aspire. Muslims a a ZERO (Incidentally a Hindu concept – NOT A MUSLIM ONE )

  3. Sheik,do you can make a translation Please.What language is this text written …..I already have enough trouble as it in English, it is some kind of old English…..

  4. Hello Pierre!

    “What language is this text written”

    Walt Disney cartoon-speak, I think (Donald Duck?)

  5. Hello Mullah,i think you’re right !
    Mullah i will put your video on my site after i finished my Coffee…..

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