Wilders to be burned at the stakes, Germany to employ 20 % Mohammedans in public service, high treason in France…

Wilders’ : Objection Rejected — Mohammedan Lawyer Haroon Raza is “very pleased” with the extension of the charges

The court in Amsterdam has rejected the objections of Geert Wilders against his prosecution. The Public Prosecutor will continue the proceedings against the politician for defamation of a group and incitement to hatred and discrimination. Earlier on Wednesday, prior to the hearing, his lawyer Bram Moszkowicz said of the objections in court that he particularly objected to the accusation of “defamation of a group”, that Wilders should not be prosecuted for that.  More from the Gates of Vienna

High Treason:

French Minister of Immigration envisions flooding Europe with Islamic immigrants – Egyptian Minister hopes Arabic becomes common EU language

This article deserves a full post or more. The coming “Euromed initiative”- the annihilation of Europe, by turning the continent into EUrabia  by importing 50 million hostile Mohammedans, is the biggest scandal in human history. It is also the worst case of treason ever. Islamization Watch has more>>

    Eric Besson, La Courneuve, January 5, 2010: “La France is neither a nation nor a language nor a territory, nor a religion, it is a conglomerate of people who want to live together. There is no French-born, there is a blending of France…”
    Now you begin to understand the mindset of Eric Besson, and where he is coming from, the man is for the complete erasure of the nation state’s identity. Besson represents the EUROMED mentality in full.Read more…

Sarkozy grows some spine: Burqa “not welcome” in France

Standing up for Western culture and mores. Got a problem with that? “Sarkozy says burka ‘not welcome’ in France,” from the BBC

Germany: Integration official says 20 percent of public jobs should go to (Mohammedan)  immigrants

Every fifth public service position in Germany should go to people with immigrant backgrounds, the country’s integration commissioner told dailyRheinische Post on Thursday.

“We need more people from immigrant families in public service,” commissioner Maria Böhmer told the paper.

We beg to differ: This is the kind of hairbrained scheme that has brought Britain to its knees. No matter how liberal our own ideas are, Mohammedans  don’t share them.


A bomb exploded near a small convoy of vehicles belonging to Israel’s embassy in Jordan on Thursday afternoon. According to several reports, the ambassador was not traveling in any of the vehicles. Tundra Tabloids

2 thoughts on “Wilders to be burned at the stakes, Germany to employ 20 % Mohammedans in public service, high treason in France…”

  1. Just as Nidal Hasan was promoted undeservedly to the rank of major, some stupid commisioner want to burden Germany society with 20% dead wood. Well fuckwit Рyou get a job in the public service because you are qualified Рnot because you are a bloody mohemmedan!!!! Piss of Maria B̦hmer Рyou do not deserve your position!!!!

  2. Watching the Wilders Crucifixion, it makes us Yankees glad to live in the good ole U.S. Not that it can’t happen here. Now is the time to learn Islam’s history and modus operandi to fight back with knowledge, and raise our voices so loudly that the Euro govts. will get embarrassed at their lame attempts at muzzling free speech in the Internet Age. Do it free online with the Historyscoper and arm your mind, click the url.

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