Yemeni Jews want to emmigrate if not protected


No Jew in safe in a Muslim land. Which is why the Muslims are hell bent on destroying Israel. So that Jews have no where to go.

Yemen’s Jewish minority has demanded government protection, or the means to leave the country after a religious extremist killed one of them last Thursday.

The plight of the “protected people” (dhimmi) under Islam:

If dhimmis complained about their inferior status, institutionalized humiliation, or poverty, their masters voided their contract and regarded them as enemies of Islam, fair game as objects of violence. Consequently, dhimmis were generally cowed into silence and worse. It was almost unheard-of to find dhimmis speaking out against their oppressors; to do so would have been suicide. For centuries dhimmi communities in the Islamic world learned to live in peace with their Muslim overlords by acquiescing to their subservience. Some even actively identified with the dominant class, and became strenuous advocates for it.

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“If the State is unable to protect us and secure us in our homeland, the only alternative should be for the state to buy our houses and properties and grant us the money to leave the country,” said Rabbi Yahya bin Yaish, brother of the murdered Mousa Yaish.

The Rabbi has revealed abuses and assaults over the past few months against the country’s Jewish community, which totals less than 500 people out of Yemen’s population of 22 million.

“Over the past months we have been suffering from repeated assaults and threats, and we have been reporting these to the official bodies and tribal chiefs without success,” he said.

He accused “some local people, including bodyguards of some influential officials” of committing such repeated “assaults, abuses, harassments” against the Jews in Raida and Kharef in Amran province, where about 400 Yemeni Jews live.

The Ministry of Interior said Saturday they had arrested eight people accused of abusing the Jews.  “The assaults and threats turned to murder, my brother was killed in cold blood in the market,” The rabbi said.

“They search us when we come and go, they search our visitors, and investigate our guests, they sometimes attack our houses, beat us, and threaten our women with guns, and nobody rescues us from them, it seems that everybody is helpless to protect us from those assailants, or maybe it is organized assaults,” he added.

Former pilot Abdul Azeez Hamoud Al Abdi confessed to killing the Jew Mousa Yaish, and showed no repentance for the crime, according to sources familiar to the investigations.

Official sources said the perpetrator claimed he carried out these actions to “get closer to Allah”, and he warned the Jews in writing one month prior. In his alleged letter he told the Jews: convert to Islam, leave the country, or face the sword.

However, Rabbi Yahya bin Yaish denied that they had received a letter from the perpetrator or anyone else before the murder.

The sources also said the investigations had shown that the perpetrator traveled to Saudi Arabia and Lebanon during 2008 but gave no further information about the reasons behind the visits.

The perpetrator was fired from his work about four years ago for his extremism in dealing with others, the sources said.

Deputy Director for security in Amran province Ahmed Al Suraihi confirmed that investigations were complete, and the case will be referred to the prosecution in the coming two days.

Relatives of the victim have arrived in Yemen from Israel, the US, and Britain to participate in the funeral which will be held this week.  In a separate incident, two of the victim’s sisters were injured, one seriously, in a car accident on their way from Raida to Amran on Friday after they arrived from Israel.

“Now, they are in a hospital in Sana’a, and the funeral may be delayed until his sisters have recovered,” said one of the relatives who accompanied the two sisters to the hospital.

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  1. This is amazing. They have the same features as their Arab counterparts. You can hardly tell them apart.

  2. It is not surprising that Yemenite Jews have the
    same exact features as their Muslim neighbors.
    Judaism is a religion not a race or ethnicity. There
    is no evidence to suggest that an Ethiopian Jew and
    an Austrian Jew have anything in common in regards
    to genetics. DNA evidence has reconfirmed the fact that
    Judaism is religious in nature as the so-called Jewish People
    have tested positive for at least 8 distinct and unrelated lineages.
    Only 10% of Jewish people worldwide belong to the
    Semitic J1 Haplogroup and less than 2% have true Kohen markers.
    Judaism like Christianity and Islam is a religion comprised of
    numerous peoples stemming from a variety of racial and ethnic

    Many Yemenite Jews are descended from Himyari(Yemenite)
    converts who adopted Judaism during the reign of DhuNhuwass.
    In this regard Yemen was at one time a ” Jewish Kingdom” ruled
    by the Jewish King mentioned above. Many Muslim Yemenites
    probably have ancestors who at one time practiced Judaism.
    Yemenite Jews are racially,ethnically and culturally Yemenite
    and are only separate in terms of religion. This is why they call
    their Sidelocks Siminim meaning a sign of a Jew for without them
    they would be indistinguishable from Yemenite Muslims.

  3. i am yemeni jew in U.S.yemen is a hard place for jews..because99.99% are muslims but my grandma and grandpa still in Sana’a reregard for them..may god safe them from killers

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