Anything is better than Bush, right?

How to step off Air Force One  with dignity!

Kinda makes ya proud, don’t it?

Revert Roasted

A BRITISH woman has been killed in a suicide bombing in Pakistan — after reportedly converting to Islam just a month ago.

Belinda Khan, 44, was among eight people who died in the huge blast in a bustling market in the war-torn Swat Valley region yesterday.  The SUN

Jihad Fritz: Islamic Finance = Jihad

The members of the German homegrown terrorist group known as the Sauerland Cell are currently on trial in Düsseldorf, accused of plotting to bomb American targets in Germany. Now it has been revealed that the wife of the alleged ringleader has been arrested on suspicion of supporting a foreign terrorist group. SPIEGEL

Third World Immigration: A Europe-Wide Issue

Riots by Third World immigrants in Italy have refocussed attention on the fact that the invasion to which Britain is being subjected is a Europe-wide phenomenon which needs addressing at international level.

According to reports, Italy has “witnessed bouts of violence involving immigrants that seem to be lifted straight from Hollywood films.”

Africans — large numbers of whom are illegal immigrants who invaded Italy by boat — were removed from Rosarno in southern Italy last month following an outbreak of rioting, while more recently disturbances between North Africans and South Americans in Milan have left cars and business burned.

At least one man — an Egyptian — has been killed in the disturbances in Milan, sparked off by conflicts between the different groups of Third World colonisers. BNP

270 Jihadis Missing

Authorities are searching for 270 Somalis believed to have entered the U.S. illegally with the help of a Virginia man who admitted contacts with an Islamic terrorist group. Examiner

Light Skinned Negro Watch

Only Zero is bolder than Holder (but on the other hand, both are equally brazen….)

Holder admits nine Obama Dept. of Justice officials worked for terrorist detainees, offers no details

CAIR Discovers “Double Standards”

Islam sets standards for the kafirs. Anything and anyone that opposes Islam is “counterproductive”-

Double standards on terror counterproductive says CAIR/Bunglawussi Watch

On another front, CAIR is remarkably silent:

Hamas-linked CAIR uncharacteristically silent about longtime Board member’s deportation for jihad terror ties

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  1. “A BRITISH woman has been killed in a suicide bombing in Pakistan — after reportedly converting to Islam just a month ago.”

    I thought this story was great – I noticed the headline on the Daily Mail website this morning while eating breakfast, and nearly bloody choked on my eggs on toast. I was mid-swallow when I clicked on the story, and I couldn’t suppress the laughter!

    Bloody muslims, I’m going to chalk that one up to attempted murder from beyond the grave!

  2. Great News JC,I hope that we will have more of these positive news at Breakfast in the morning.

  3. Do you can put the link,i’m interested for my site,it’s the kind of News that loves Porky…A convert fragmented by these little friends,that’s extremely Funny…

  4. She deserved to die for openly becoming a follower of satan. If illegal boat people, who are nothing more than criminals are causing so much trouble in Europe, then, the governments have the right to shoot them as enemy soldiers. Why make a mountain out of a mole hill when Governments can do as they like to protect the interests of their own citizens. When I say shoot, I mean, shoot to kill.

  5. I noticed the picture of Laura Bush and Michelle Obama getting off Air Force I. To avoid any backlash, I must inform you that I am a descendant of mixed parentage, White paternal and African maternal, 7th generation. There is no substitute for class and it clearly shows between a nigger and a whie Lady.

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