Are German Churches Financing Their Own Demise?

Church lays foundation for Cologne mosque

Politically Incorrect

“You shall have no other gods before me,” the First Commandment says. However, in the Catholic Church they seem to remember it less and less. In the hope of increasing his influence while strengthening of some kind of faith among their own sheep, Allah, the bloody one, and Islam got a powerful shove forward. And so, two Cologne church fellowships proudly donated 5000 Euros to the hard up DITIB for the building of the large mosque in Ehrenfeld. [more]

Not in My Backyard, Say an Increasing Number of Germans to Mosques

4 thoughts on “Are German Churches Financing Their Own Demise?”

  1. “Are German Churches Financing Their Own Demise?”

    Yes, they are as stupid as rocks. It’s hard to image the fantasies that they are spinning in their heads.

  2. There are some people who claim to be Christians, yet havn’t the foggiest idea of what Christianity is really about. To donate money for a satanic cult to build a mosque to worship the devil, is not only stupid, but evil.
    These people will bever learn until it is too late.

  3. Most Christians have taken “Tolerance” as the most important teaching of Jesus – in fact they have made it into a doctrine of Absolute Tolerance.

    That Jesus said, “The first of all the commandments is, Hear, O Israel; The Lord our God is one Lord”. He did not mean allah but God.

    What I believe happened is that Christians have fallen to Islamic propaganda that God and allah are the same. This came about step by step. First was the intense propaganda by Muslims that Islam was part of the “Abrahamic” religions. The fact that Jews and Christians in history never accepted this, and in fact regarded such a statement as an insult, was overturned by their allegiance to the doctrine of “AbsoluteTolerance”, as well as not to say “No” to what was after all, merely an application to be part of the greater community of the West. Once the “Abrahamic” bit had been accepted by Christians, then came the equivalence between allah and God. Christians now had no legs to stand on for rejecting this equivalence.

    Its not going to stop there. Once Muslims are a majority and have sharia in the West, they will forcefully reject any equivalence between allah and God, as is happening in Malaysia and other parts of the Islamic world.

    What Christians have to do is to listen to their brothers in other parts of the world. Listen to the likes of Bishop Nazir Ali and Rev Patrick Sookhdeo, instead of vilifying them as fundamentalists. They are the prophets of our time. Our actions will then take on the form that Charles Martell, Jan Sobieski, Prince Eugene and Jean Christian Vallete would approve, rather then spin in their graves.

  4. * What I believe happened is that Christians have fallen to Islamic propaganda that God and allah are the same.

    I agree entirely, with professing Christians such as George W Bush believing that “we” (Christians and muslims) worship the same God, but without bothering to check credentials. Recently WoJ was graced by a muslim pushing the “three Abrahamic faiths same god” line, but not with much success in here, but it is lapped up by our politicians.

    The Biblical injunction, as I understand it, is to have nothing to do with this, and to come out of it and be separate.

    It will pose a problem for muslims when the False Prophet appears with Antichrist, given the claim that Mo is the “final messenger” (of allah) – another messenger / “prophet” will severely shake this “pillar” of islam & possibly send it toppling.

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