Aussie Media: Paid Scribes for the State Ideology.

Far Left Loons. Arrogant and Proud of it:

Media Watch guru: sure, ABC staff are Leftists. They’re educated

Andrew Bolt

David Salter, former producer of the ABC’s Media Watch, insists that Leftist bias must be expected from the ABC:

You should expect no other than there is a sympathy to a liberal human(ist) approach.

Indeed, this is not the first time that Salter has not just welcomed the overwhelmingly Leftist leanings of the ABC staff, but hailed it as proof of their fine education, since everyone knows that conservatives are just undereducated bums.

Salter’s former Media Watch colleague, presenter David Marr, has likewise defended Leftism as not just normal but desirable:

The natural culture of journalism is kind of vaguely soft-Left inquiry sceptical of authority. I mean, that’s just the world out of which journalists come. If they don’t come out of that world, they really can’t be reporters.

Yet when accused of using Media Watch to preach Leftist politics and persecute conservatives for thought crimes, how they howled, and howled again at any accusation of ABC bias. And when even Jonathan Holmes, the best of the recent hosts, resumes the same witchhunt, who – alas – can be surprised.

You should expect no other…

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  1. * Aussie Media: Paid Scribes for the State Ideology.

    Pushing “diversity” apartheid on us – burkinis on lifeguards this week. Who knows what next week. I guess the rubbish bins will need to be removed from the foreshore in case a misunderstander misuses them.

    MEET the state’s first women to patrol the beach wearing burqinis.

    Our New Neighbours

    Lucky Giirre, 22, and her sister Ramla, 21, recently began patrolling Henley Beach under a Surf Life Saving SA program aiming to encourage new migrants to join the organisation.

    The Muslim women are part of a group of 10 young migrants at Henley Surf Life Saving Club, who took part in a first aid course last year through the On the Same Wave program, which aims to educate emerging communities on beach safety.

    (“educate” emerging communities, or “educate” the existing target communities to accept dhimmi status?)

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