Australia: Islamic Schools get Protection Money, "Jewish Schools also identified as high-risk"

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Update: More “asylum seekers” on the way.  Welcome to KRuddistan!

“Jewish Schools were also identified as high-risk”

ASIO and the Australian Federal Police fear a growing number of Melbourne schools are in danger of race-hate and terror attacks – forcing the Rudd Government to ramp up security for students across the state.

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The Federal Home Affairs Minister, Brendan O’Connor, will within weeks give $8 million to more than a dozen high-risk Islamic, Jewish and public schools to install CCTV cameras, security gates, higher-grade windows, doors and safety lighting.

(Not that Islamic schools have ever been at risk. However, the infinite wisdom of the KRudd government and the need to be seen as “even handed”  demands a smoke and mirrors approach…./ed)

Eleven schools in Victoria – mostly religious and highly multicultural – have been given extra funding to upgrade security measures after threats.

They include Ilim College in Dallas, Minaret College in Springvale, and Isik College in Eastmeadows. Private Jewish schools including Yeshivah College in St Kilda East, Bialik College in East Hawthorn, Mount Scopus College in Burwood and Leibler Yavneh College in Elsternwick were also identified as high-risk.

A police spokesman refused to say why specific schools were being targeted, or by whom, only denying there were any known terrorist threats against any schools on the list.

It is believed several of the identified Jewish schools were subject to Islamist threats including anti-Semitic phone calls.

Five Islamic schools in NSW and the ACT are among the likely recipients of extra cash this year after the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils raised security concerns.

Islamic leader Ikebal Patel said the Government had recognised a need for protection of vulnerable schools.

“This year we have had a situation where we have had some threats and exposure to possible losses due to lapses in security,” Mr Patel said.

(You can always rely on our “Islamic leaders” to tell the truth when it comes to money. Especially Ikebal Patel, who was featured here on quite a few occasions….sarc/off)

Former intelligence officer with the Australian Secret Intelligence Service Warren Reed said the threat of terrorist attacks in Australia remained very real.

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