Australia's Socialist Media Still Promotes the "Global Worming" Scare

Andrew Bolt:   Why is this hysteric still head of the IPCC?

Rajendra Pachauri, head of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, explains why critics of hisvested interests, flawed science and deceits are wrong:

They are people who say that asbestos is as good as talcum powder – and I hope they put it on their faces every day.

That’s it. Goodbye.

How the 7.30 Report nobbled Monckton

Summing up: the ABC finds it almost impossible to hold an honest debate on global warming. Warmists are allowed unchallenged air time, while sceptics are made examples of. Yet even then warmist scientists and activists cannot find an argument to save themselves from the few sceptics who finally get half a hard word in edgewise.

Your (ABC) news is being manipulated, but you can now see the fraud backstage though the gaping cracks.

The Age of barbarians

‘Mad Monk’ meets Monckton
Tony Abbott meets the world’s most famous climate change sceptic, Lord Christopher Monckton.

Could The Age declare its politics – and it’s reliance on childish abuse – any more clearly?

Tim Blair is too stunned to even laugh.

My Kruddness: Facebook censors Rudd’s critics

2 thoughts on “Australia's Socialist Media Still Promotes the "Global Worming" Scare”

  1. The globe warms, the globe cools down. It’s been happening since before recorded history. It’s not going to stop until the sun goes nova, and the planet dies a natural death. This is the way things are, and have always been. Why is it so difficult for pseudo-scientists to accept this?

    As for “Global Worming”, well, that’s why I lock my doors at night.

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