Bridge to KRuddistan: Mohammedan Invaders Go Straight to Melbourne Now

Andrew Bolt:

Straight to Australia instead

Kevin Rudd’s boat people policy is collapsing, with Christmas Island now so full that the allegedly “vulnerable” are being moved to the mainland:

A GROUP of asylum seekers has been moved to Melbourne without visas as Christmas Island nears breaking point.

And 94 asylum seekers and crew picked up off Ashmore Reef last Thursday are being held aboard a navy ship until at least Wednesday, while authorities try to free up beds.

As another unauthorised boat was intercepted yesterday, authorities confirmed 20 “vulnerable” asylum seekers were removed from Christmas Island on Friday.

Eight went to the Melbourne Immigration Transit Centre at Broadmeadows and the remaining 12 to Brisbane. They included five unaccompanied minors and five family groups.

“No determination has been made on their cases as yet,” an Immigration Department spokesman said. “They’ve been chosen for transfer because they are vulnerable people.”

French police have closed down a makeshift shelter for illegal migrants Mohammedan invaders in Calais a day after it was opened.

The disused warehouse in the northern port was being used by about 100 migrants, mostly from Afghanistan.

The building was rented by an activist group, which turned it into a camp in defiance of a ban on giving shelter to illegal immigrants in the town.  Calais attracts migrants aiming to get into the UK. In September, a makeshift camp known as “the jungle” was closed.

The move was criticised by human rights groups, who argued that many migrants should be treated like refugees.  BBC

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  1. This is a major growth industry, with refugees contacting “refugee activists” instead of the authorities when their boats [supposedly] break down …

    [Border protection authorities were unaware of the latest boat, carrying 45 Tamil asylum seekers and crew, until those aboard contacted refugee activists. A distress call was made on their behalf and the vessel was intercepted 91 nautical miles off Christmas Island.]

    Australia – a bi-partisan sleep walk to national assisted suicide.

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