But but but: I thought the science was settled?

Update: Meet the irrefutable expert on climate change, Hussein Obama:

Barack Obama Lectures America About Rising Sea Levels (Video)

Gateway Pundit

The science is beyond dispute. The facts are clear. Sea levels are rising. Coastlines are shrinking. We see record drought, spreading famine, storms that are going stronger each passing hurricane season.”

Unfortunately for Barack Obama he was wrong here too.
Sea levels are not rising.    The Guardian reported:


Andrew Bolt:

Greens claim they’d be winning if they bothered arguing

Only now that they’re losing do they want a debate … or just a stepping up of the slime:

AUSTRALIAN green groups have called a strategy meeting to devise ways to hit back at the climate sceptics movement, amid fears they are losing the PR war.

No wonder Climate Change Minister Penny Wong is becoming increasingly hysterical:

We’ve got around 85 per cent of the world’s economies signed up to the Copenhagen Accord


The UK Telegraph reports from Antarctica: Pinguins are being replaced by jellyfish! How can we sleep when our beds are burning?

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  1. Garrett can’t get insulation installation policy correct – what hope does he have of understanding the worlds climatic engine.

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