Censorship Down Under


Communications Minister Stephen Conroy, the man currently pushing the nation into a broad Internet filtering scheme that would be run by ISPs, gave an interview this week to the TV show Hungry Beast(Aussie readers can watch the segment online).

In it, he said that the ISP filtering solution was unworkable for big sites like YouTube, since the goal would be to block only particular videos. This requires precise URL matching, not just a blanket block on YouTube traffic, and it’s hard to make this work at scale for a site like YouTube without unacceptable slowdowns. So Conroy had a brilliant solution: get Google to do the filtering for him.

“What we’re saying is, well in Australia, these are our laws and we’d like you to apply our laws,” Conroy said. He added, “Google at the moment filters an enormous amount of material on behalf of the Chinese government; they filter an enormous amount of material on behalf of the Thai government.”

This could basically have come out of the mouth of a Chinese official…

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Con as in Conroy

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  1. Stephen Conroy is a fool and he is taking the Aussies to be fools. This stupid bastard is pandering to the muslims to retain their vote. Whose eyes does he think he is trying to pull the wool over. This sort of interview immediately makes him an outcast among main stream voters as a pathetic, ass kissing mongrel. I hope he gets kicked out in the next election. All prominent politicians in Australia are Freemasons and as everybody knows, their master is the devil. Same master for the freemasons and the muslims.

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