Clinton Allures

Grand Plans with other peoples money:

Shrillary knows what the world needs. Willie, her hubby, has long been one of those do-gooders who wants to “lift the third world out of poverty”,  with other peoples money.  The Clintons are among those who believe Islamic terrorism is caused by poverty, illiteracy, colonialism etc. All of that is of course our fault, and it is our responsibility to fix it.  If we just throw enough money at the problem it will just  disappear, magically….

Hillary Clinton: “We Cannot Accept The Ongoing Marginalization Of Half The World’s Population”

Charity starts at home.  Willie Clitman’s wife  believes the grass in greener in Cairo.


2 thoughts on “Clinton Allures”

  1. It appears that the whole global warming scheme was/is simply a back handed way to take money from Westerners and give it to ‘poor ‘ countries. And who are the ‘poor’ countries? The great majority are islamic or have huge islamic populations. Under this scheme the West would be told that it was responsible for the crisis in the climate and as a consequence had/s to pay the poor countries for the consequence they are suffering…(note how the west is always made to feel guilty…the west according to the ‘poor ‘ minded is guilty and therefore has to pay….

    Now that global warming has been shown to be hoax,(not that they did not know, since theirs was a scheme to convince Westerners to pay out of guilt) they are still going to find a way to take from the West and give to the ‘islamists.’

    I give to the poor, and I dont mind giving to the poor, but I do mind it when Im being forced to give to those that are poor because they have a supremacist and parasitic ideology.

    Christian agencies, when in islamic countries are being told not to speak at all of Christianity, and in many instances are being told to give their aid to muslim agencies who will then pass it on to poor muslims…which has been done.

    Global warming was simply another way to give to the supremacist parasites without letting them acknowledge the bearer of the gifts..namely a Christian West. In fact, like all islamic schemes, the Christian West must pay (and feel guilty) for its existence. What slimy bastards they are!

    1. Thanks Steiner.

      And that’s exactly the point I have been arguing ever since KRudd started the Global Warming racket. There are indeed those who would impoverish us all in order to pay tribute (jiziya) to the poor Mohammedans, but also line their own pockets in the process. Unfortunately Turnbull, the former leader of the opposition, was in the same boat and Abbot is not up to it to clearly come out and call it a fraud.


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