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The Real Scoop on Aafia Siddiqi: Her Circle of Boston Friends & How We Blew It

The next time I complain about the number of Muslim student visas we issue, think about Aafia Siddiqui, Bassan Kanj, and the Boston terror cell. They were guests in our country, and they planned our future demise at least a decade ahead.

Siddiqui’s conviction for shooting at U.S. soldiers after they caught her in Afghanistan (with chemicals, a dirty bomb recipe, plans to blow up U.S. gas stations and major New York sites) is really not the story here.  The story is Aafia Siddiqui’s part in the early stages of Al-Qaeda around the world, as it was formed by a close circle of friends, who were mostly Muslim students in Boston here on visas in the late 1980s and early to mid-’90s.  One of those students, one of those friends, was Aafia Siddiqui, who would later become Al-Qaeda’s designated master terrorist in the U.S., until she was caught in Afghanistan.  It’s the story of how America dropped the ball on the inchoate Al-Qaeda world leadership concentrated amongst a few Muslim visa holders concentrated in a major American city.  And it’s the story of how America let those people leave the country and did nothing to stop them, even the one they caught after 9/11 and willingly gave up to the Syrians.

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Aafia Siddiqui is guilty, guilty, guilty. Of course, the juice are to blame:

After the verdict was delivered, Siddiqui shouted to the court: “This is a verdict coming from Israel, not America.”  Guilty: Paki al Qaeda Agent Convicted — Jews Mostly to Blame /Jawa Report

More pic’s from the courtroom drama here….

That’s the real story behind Aafia Siddiqui that you didn’t hear, amidst the hubbub about her shrieks against Jewish jurors and judges, and the Israelis.  But I’m telling the Cliff’s Notes, er . . . “Debbie’s Notes” version of that frightening story here.

That’s the story you didn’t hear in the Siddiqui trial. And you may never hear about it again. Sadly.

But we have this from Pakistan, our friend and ally:

thousands of protesters demand  the release of this terrorist scumbag, telling us this would “improve the image of the US…”

and this from Barenakedislam: “No Jews on the Jury” Pakistani Jihadi aka ‘Lady Al-Qaeda’ FOUND GUILTY of attempted murder

Pakistan Reacts To Pakistani Al Qaeda Agent Aafia Siddiqui Conviction

Jawa Report Via CSM

Karachi, PakistanThousands of political and social activists and students across Pakistan on Thursday protested the conviction of Aafia Siddiqui by a Manhattan jury for the attempted murder of US soldiers in Afghanistan.

Siddiqui, a US-educated neuroscientist and Pakistani citizen was found guilty Wednesday. For many Pakistanis, the verdict is another example of the US government’s high-handedness and is expected to fuel anti-American sentiment in a country where Washington’s foreign policy is already viewed with suspicion.

“The public’s reaction [to the conviction] can be read as a reaction to drone attacks, travel restrictions, and other discriminatory policies [against Pakistanis],” says Riffat Hussain, a political and defense analyst at Islamabad’s Quaid-e-Azam University.

A reminder of what Rusty posted yesterday about this verdict; Lookout for sudden jihad syndrome