Do you speak KRudd?

KRudd, the “compassionate” chameleon:

The other night during question time, the Australian (Socialist)  PM KRudd was asked why he slashed the quota for business-migrants and skilled migrants by half, while keeping an open border policy that allows thousands of Mohammedans to settle in this country. His answer was: “to better adjust to the needs of the 21st century”, which left just about everyone dumbfounded.

This is from Andrew Bolt’s blog:

Janet Albrechtsen on the paradox that’s now hurting  KRudd – that the more you see of him, the less you see:

We know next to nothing about what truly motivates him, apart from seeking and staying in political office. We know he will morph into any character, no matter how unnatural, if he thinks it will boost his political prospects: whether it’s trying to look cool to a newspaper editor by drinking in a New York girlie club, doing deals with Labor’s left faction to win the leadership or extolling his credentials as an economic conservative in order to win over voters at the 2007 election, only to then turn into a long-winded critic of capitalism when it became the orthodoxy.

People are finally noticing that there is a cold calculation to the way Rudd recalibrates his public persona in a way that his predecessors never did….

Piers Akerman has his number too:

WHEN Kevin Rudd was campaigning for the top job in the nation he was painted as Kev the Compassionate. And  he can’t keep his fingers out of the till: BEFORE the last election, Kevin Rudd promised he would not change superannuation laws. Now he want’s your money: Continue reading ‘Punished for doing the right thing for old age’

Rock’n’roll kills people:

Garrett accused of industrial manslaughter by Abbott

In the case of the embattled Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, former “Midnight Oil” crooner, (who somehow can’t be sacked)  PM KRudd was asked  why he won’t get rid of the incompetent fool who embarked (with KRudd’s blessing) on a house insulation scheme costing taxpayers billions:

Peter Garrett has admitted his troubled $2.5 billion insulation program has been linked to 86 house fires around the nation … Mr Garrett has faced Liberal claims in Parliament that he ignored 13 warnings of safety problems that led to the death of four roof insulation installers. (but wait, there’s more)

When called out on the death of  8 people resulting from this insulation racket, KRudd expressed confidence in Mr Garrett, saying safety had been his “No 1 priority”, and that Garret actually made Australia ‘safer for all of us’, or some such.   Why Rudd may not dare sack Garrett

Garrett took instant action and …. called his mum over insulation deaths

The world has moved on. But KRudd is still stuck on stoopid and “climate change”

David Marr senses that he’s not the only warmist now bored with what Kevin Rudd billed “the great moral challenge of our generation”:

But Canberra has wearied of climate change. Only the nutters are being listened to now.

Here. Let the peer review begin.

And this:  Climategate Conspirator Cracks

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  1. You should have seen ‘serious KRudd’ on the news tonight talking slowly and seriously about Conroy’s unannounced reduced television licences of the T.V. Networks. Tony Abbott’s slip of the tongue about ‘dodgy’ [Tony] to ‘bribery’ [KRudd].

    Then to see Laurie ‘Left-of-Labour-Centre’ Oakes [Ch9] feigning honesty and integrity about not being able to be bought. Oh so fake!

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