Dubai Screws Creditors

Dubai drives hard bargain with creditors


For Dubai World’s creditors, indignity piles upon indignity. News that the troubled state-controlled conglomerate plans to repay its lenders a meager 60 cents for every U.S. dollar they are owed is yet another blow for lenders who, until four months ago, assumed Dubai World’s debts came with an implicit sovereign guarantee.

Debbie Schlussel:

On top of that, they have to wait seven years to get paid.  Incredible.  That’s what happens when you invest with anti-Semites.  You get burned.


Other news:

When there’s a will there’s a kill:

Six British passport holders dressed in tennis clothes and wearing false beards and wigs were involved in the assassination of a senior Hamas commander in Dubai, police in the Gulf state have claimed. Telegraph UK

Seven Israelis woke up on Wednesday morning to discover that their identities had been stolen and used to issue passports from their countries of birth for whomever liquidated Hamas terrorist and arms dealer Mahmoud al-Mabhouh.  Go right ahead and blame da Jooozz! Carl has more

9 thoughts on “Dubai Screws Creditors”

  1. That’s what happens when you invest with anti-Semites. You get burned….

    Excellent. I wish the investors in Dubai would loose every last cent for investing with a country full of wife beating, child molesting, barbaric throwbacks.

  2. I am very happy about the financial state of Dubai! It’s a slave-state that abuses foreign Kaffir workers. These Arabs are infantile chumps. If the Jews had the oil; aids and cancer would have been cure by now, and the ME and N.Africa would have been turned into Hong Kongs!

    The fall-out from the supposed Mossad hit has made me quite sad. It’s almost as if the Jews have to beg the world’s permission to defend themselves.

    Long live Israel!
    Justice for the 1 million Jews expelled from Arab countries!

  3. Agreed – Arabs are infantile chumps. Since the twat who is the commander of what passes for a police force in Dubai will not want to loose face (failing to recognise that he has no credibility in any case) I suspect that the Dubai police will now try and frame some innocent tourists. It is surprising that these incompetent arab morons still have not stated definitively what the terrorist died from – there have been two different cause of death trotted out by the Dubai police in less than 24 hours. Maybe the donkey he was raping kicked him to death – who knows — WHO CARES?????

  4. Though Israel is not my favorite place I can’t imagine Mossad
    utilising 11 agents to kill one scumbag headbanger.

  5. That’s the way to fight these inbred savages! It would be great to put together some guys to wreak havoc on their countries– and we’d disassociate ourselves from them and call them “extremists.” I’m sure we’d do a much better job not playing by the rules. Turnabout is fair play.

  6. I don’t believe it was Israel that did it. The forged documents belong to Israelis living over-seas holding double citizen-ship. It appears Israel is being framed.

    Why would Israeli security use the passports of Israelis to cover Israeli spies?

    It does not make any sense.

  7. You are absolutely right, Steiner, why would Israel use the names of Israelis to do something like this. It has to be the work of opposing arabs. In any case, who cares if this entire lot of sadistic monkey, dog, pig, sheep, goat, cow and camel rapists are wiped off the face of the earth. Let us all pray that the bombs Iran is secretly making explode and send the entire arab world into outer space.

  8. I suspect that it is the work of arabs – in any case the cause of death is still uncertain. An arab spokesman claimed electrocution followed by suffocation. Well, I guess that electrocution causes suffocation – perhaps the fool dropped his electric shaver in the bathtub!

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