Dutch Commies Are Circling The Wagons Against "Far Right" Wilders

Dutch parties tussle over approach to far right

Al Reuters

* Labour figure calls on others to keep Wilders out of govt

* Wilders, other politicians blast move as undemocratic

* Blocking approach could push more voters towards far right

By Catherine Hornby

AMSTERDAM, Feb 23 (Reuters) – A Dutch Labour politician’s call to keep far-right leader Geert Wilders out of a new government has stirred anger among other parties who consider the move undemocratic and likely to drive voters towards him.

Wilders and his Freedom Party have been a focus of debate since the Dutch cabinet collapsed on Saturday, as the election which could be held as early as May will be a key opportunity for the anti-immigration group to increase its influence after a stunning success at European elections last year. [ID:nLDE61J08D]

Frans Timmermans, a member of the Labour party and minister for European affairs, said on Monday that Labour would refuse to govern in coalition with Wilders’ party, and he called on other parties to consider a similar approach.

“The Labour party stands for a completely different Holland than the party of Wilders, and for that reason we cannot be in a government with him,” a spokeswoman for the Labour party said.

Unfortunately for all of us, the civilizational suicide of the  Commies will take us all to the abyss…


Rather weird: change of heart or trying to hang on at any cost?

Balkenende schließt Koalition mit Wilders nicht aus= Balkenende does not exclude coalition with Wilders

“He (Timmermans) dared other parties to think the same thing. Do they want to be in a government that segregates people by race and religion?”

Wilders has described the call as an “arrogant” attempt to ringfence his Freedom Party (PVV) and said it was an insult to the democratic system, telling Dutch media “the voter will seek punishment for this”.

Members of other parties have also described the move as undemocratic and warned that it could push voters into the arms of Wilders, considered a maverick among the political elite.

While the socialist SP said it would not consider working in coalition with Wilders’ party due to their policy differences, it criticised Timmermans nonetheless.

“This is unbelievably stupid. What Timmermans is saying is undemocratic, the voter can surely make up their own mind,” said SP leader Agnes Kant in the Dutch daily Trouw. “Wilders can now say there is a barrier being built around him.”

Members of other parties also dismissed the calls, with the head of the Liberal VVD party Mark Rutte telling Dutch radio he was not ruling anyone out as a potential coalition partner and Christian Democrat party chairman Pieter van Geel describing the comments as foolish.


Wilders’ party comes first or second in most polls for the next election, and could win up to 24 seats in the 150-seat Dutch Parliament after becoming the second biggest Dutch party in the EU Parliament last year.

So far the CDA and VVD have left the door open to be in a coalition with Wilders. But in recent polls, just 27 percent of respondents said their reaction to a combination of the three in a cabinet would be ‘positive’ or ‘very positive’.

Wilders, who believes that Islam is a violent religion and what he calls the Islamisation of Europe must stop, has consistently challenged the established order with his ferocious debating style, often accusing the government of cowardice.

He set up his own party after he was forced out of the VVD, and has lived under guard since 2004, when a Dutch-Moroccan killed filmmaker and Islam critic Theo van Gogh.

He has rallied support amongst many Dutch people who are uncomfortable with the rapid changes in their country, and has filled the void left by populist Pim Fortuyn who had called for an end to immigration before he was gunned down in 2002. (Reporting by Catherine Hornby; Editing by Jon Hemming)

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  1. The coward mainstream media comes immediately with the Nazi-argument “right-wing”, but Geert Wilders is only telling the bitter and unwanted truth about the dangerous political ideology Islam!

  2. I know many Dutch people and they are all reasonable and intelligent. However, when it comes to Wilders, they are all brainwashed by these “far-right” and “racist” tags attached to him, while at the same time moaning about islamists taking over their country! There is no sense in the world.

  3. Be patient with Mr. Wilders. His is a long journey which will be impeded by hurdles and unfathomable challenges. As long as he keeps his struggle a political one and does not veer off into the real “far-right” scene calling for an armed struggle against the invaders, he will eventually overcome.

    1. Indeed.

      Commies think they can use the soldiers of Allah to bring about their Socialist utopia.

      Little do they know!

      Islam doesn’t tolerate other “isms”…

  4. Islam is a religion (so Muslims say at any rate) but not a race – so the racism gripe doesn’t work.

  5. Islam is considerably more leaning toward Nazism(National Socialism) than communism, unless things have changed since world war two..

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