Dutch Undercover Mosque

“Learning To Hate For The Sake of Allah”

Thanks to Vlad Tepes, H/T Tundra Tabloids

Dutch journo goes undercover and is shocked, SHOCKED (!) having to explain what it means, “hating for the sake of Allah…”

Undercover Mosque – The Return (Trailer)

From Islam in Europe:


Islamic college loses subsidies – the Islamic College of Amsterdam (ICA) has lost its subsidies, since they do not have the required number of students, and education is sub-standard. Starting August 1st, the institution will not receive more money for new students. (NL)

France: Intelligence Lost

Professor converts to Islam – Professor Roland Dadiniz of the Descartes university announced he converted to Islam. The announcement took place during an international conference on handicaps and rehabilitation in Riyadh. The professor says he will from now on invite people to Islam due to its greatness and its role in developing human life. (NL-blog)

France:   Clueless Bishop

French Catholic bishop on burqa ban: “If we want Christian minorities in Muslim majority countries to enjoy all their rights, we should in our country respect the rights of all believers to practice their faith”  JW

Another Catholic disagrees>>>


No to immigrant quotas – Politicians rejected a proposal for quotas to increase the number of people with immigrant backgrounds in public sector jobs. (EN)

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  1. the frenshprofessor who convert to Islam , i believe he did it because he fall in love with a muslim women , and the only way to marry her is to convert to her religion . so its nothing new.

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