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UK firm eyes first Halal industrial park

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LONDON (Reuters) - A venture capital firm is raising funds to launch Europe’s first industrial park for Islamic goods, tapping an under-served market worth up to 4 billion pounds ($6.27 billion) a year in Britain, its chairman said.  More>>

Islamocritical book launch canceled: “the director of the venue does not believe he can guarantee the safety of his guests”

Yes, but we’re just claiming that there is any chill on free speech because of Islamic jihadist intolerance. “Anti-Islam book launch cancelled,” from Radio Netherlands, February 16 (thanks to JW)

Pravda discovers resistance:

Slowly but Surely, Europe Rises Against Islam

An opinion poll conducted among the local population showed that the adversaries of minarets outnumber their supporters. Thus, it is not ruled out that a small town in Germany’s Saar will become the first place on the map of the European Union where the construction of such religious objects is officially prohibited (Switzerland is not a member of the European Union).

The story in Saar may echo in other regions of Germany. The Muslim population of Germany makes up over 4 million people; Turks make two-thirds of the number. Arabs, Kurds, Muslim Bosnians and Albanians have large communities in the country. Nearly all of them have adjusted themselves to the German society. At least a quarter of them said that they did not attend mosques. Hundreds of thousands continue to follow Shariah laws , though . Pravda

Gouda: Municipality ‘bought off’  Muslim criminals

Young Moroccan criminals who were involved in the snow ball incidents in Gouda, the Netherlands, were ‘bought off’ by the municipality in order to keep them off the streets around New Year’s.

They got all together 2,250 Euro in an envelop pushed at them to organize a party of their own, says the municipal VVD faction on the basis of statement by the youth from the Gouda neighborhood of Oosterwei. Several dozen Moroccans ambushed people with snowballs, raised barriers and committed robberies.  Rewarding criminal Muslim behavior/Islam in Europe

The French Mandarins’ Madness

Gates of Vienna

Sarkozy’s strangest flight from reality is his EuroMed initiative, launched already in his election campaign. EuroMed is a union between Europe, North Africa and the Arab Middle East that went into effect on 1 January 2010. It’s a key step in the Eurabian scheme, and a major nail in Europe’s coffin. Sarkozy waxes poetic about “conservative” themes like free trade and investments, but the important effect is that tens of millions of Muslim Arabs and Africans will move legally to Europe. Pamela Geller’s title, “ Europe’s looming demise,” sums it up. Read further…

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  1. * Sarkozy’s strangest flight from reality is his EuroMed initiative

    As in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream – a man with feet of iron and clay
    that will not alloy together:

    “And as you saw the iron mixed with earth, they will give their daughters to one another as wives: but they will not be united one with another, even as iron is not mixed with earth.” Daniel 2:43

  2. I think that every European should look at middle eastern christians to predict the fate of European if the Muslims take over Europe . Please look at the copts in Egypt, this is how you will be treated when the Muslims become the majority.

  3. Mardukh, it’s infuriating the way Muslims treat non-Muslims in their countries and then are enabled by the leftists to get away with the BS they pull in our countries. Please stay angry.

  4. High time Europeans of the original and indigenous cultural kinds, grew some balls and start to recognise the ineptitudes of their current governments that are blindly or wilfully nay both, participant to the the soft islamic jihad and its slow but patient, creeping islamization of Europe, wrought by their narrow policies, lack of hindsight, and a further dumping of immigrant undesirables upon ( again ) the British working class, who, have to live amid these ubiquitous fruit & vegetable vendors. Add to this the Tamil immigrants who have the gall to play “Tamil tigers” as guests in Britain who are now likewise terrorising Buddhist centers and all other that’s Sri Lankan. Pleas eff-oof back to whence thiou came and keep your barbaric mentalities away from Europe. Enough already.

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