France: Jew Friendly Imam on the Run

Death threats against Jew friendly Imam

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The French Imam Hassen Chalghoumi (photo) from the Paris suburb of Drancy has received death threats because expressed that he is against the complete veiling of Muslim women and for a dialog with the Jews. Around 80 orthodox believers forcibly invaded the mosque of the wayward Imam and shouted out threats and curses against the man. The Imam now fears that they will not stop at threats: “They wish for my death. Somebody could liquidate me.” (Translation of German PI-article by Anders Denken)

See, if he had been preaching that Jews  are  “scum, rats, pigs, monkeys” and that uncovered women are catmeat  asking to be raped he would have never had a  problem. Islam is merciful and compassionate for those who follow the straight  path….

6 thoughts on “France: Jew Friendly Imam on the Run”

  1. Quite so,Noah David Simon.
    Hassen Chalghoumi is,whether he knows it or not,more then likely an apostate.Now he’s gonna be dead twice.Somewhere along the line this Imam lost his hatred! ….tsk tsk .

  2. Noah, I think I need to break ths to you gently, using an old testament name on here means allah will strike you – only joking – but it does prove the tendency for taqiyya.

  3. i feel sorry for this imam, you cant win with those barbarian religion peoples , he better hide or he will change his opinion just for the sake of his life. not surprise.

  4. But he is an imam, therefore he must have some followers or congregation or something, who also believe in common sense? Where are they in all this?

    1. Oh yes, he is much more than a simple imam: he is Sarkozy’s preferred imam, the one for the “interfaith dialogue” that invariably always turns out to be da’awa, (proselytizing) selling Islam, nothing but Islam to the kuffars.

      Its just that he is wrongly seen as a ‘moderate’, when all those true believers insist that the ‘faith’ is practiced in its entirety, and that means whacking the females into the freedom sack…..

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