Geert Wilders Causes Islamic Terrorism!

Furdz from the Turdz:

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Play it, Geert!

From our ‘dumber-than-dirt’ department:

Geert Wilders will breed Muslim terrorism

Belgian novelist and journalist, Thomas Blondeau, said On Sunday that Wilders will breed Muslim terrorism should he be part of the next Dutch cabinet. According to the writer, all hardliners play into the hands of Muslim terrorists:

“I’m afraid that the Dutch politicians will react like George Bush. Should Wilders be a minister, he would immediately declare war on Muslim terrorism. That is exactly what the Muslim terrorist want: fear.

Fear! My Goodness! We can’t have that!    Are you scared yet?

But of course Thomas Blondeau is not the only poof who doesn’t like Wilders.

The Telegraph’s Will Heaven has real problems:

His weird, Brylcreemed blond hair. His nasty video!

Will Heaven: I’m sick to death of Geert Wilders. His weird, Brylcreemed blond hair. His nasty video. And his pathetically hyped-up visits to London. Of course we should allow him into the country, and he should be free to say whatever he wants. But must we fawn and lay down the red carpet for the bloke just to get at Jacqui Smith?  Telegraph

6 thoughts on “Geert Wilders Causes Islamic Terrorism!”

  1. From the Telegraph link
    Will heaven wrote: I’m sick to death of Geert Wilders. His weird, Brylcreemed blond hair.

    Will Heaven is a writer who specialises in politics and the internet. He also writes about Catholicism and religion.

    Will heaven should specialise in hairdressing.

    I thought these were supposed to be financially hard times. They cant be that bad, if such drivel actually gets paid for.

  2. Hey guys.

    I feel sorry for Greet Wilders & the majority of his supporters.

    We are looking at the brink of Europe destruction from within & they are saying its ok to slap us, beat us & spit on us & when u fight back, its a crime ?

    While I agree on Greets’ stand, I disagree on his approach.

    Greet should instead use his intelligence to dismantle the fundamentals of islamisation de radical of Europe.

    Simple things like forcing the government not to endorse and openly sell the quran while it contains instructions to kill people, that includes himself & 85% of the population. Which means, removing it would guarantee his safety & if not, forcing public opinion on a government that wants its citizens to be mercilessly killed.

    Second is the ability to prosecute any radical that openly speaks about anything negative of any religion especially those loud mouth muslims.

    Force mosques to be listened by a government body that picks up any radical or hate speech, 2 violations & shut that hole up.

    Sue those that talk negative about non muslims, especially those that say convert or die (Threat), That Islam is better than others & all those idiotic things they say. Kick them financially as hard as they can that the next muslima-radicalle wannabe would fell it.

    Im sad to talk this way but bad things are being done by muslims to in muslims in my country right now. Just pisses me off.

    & Btw, Just to prove my point, that they WILL KILL those that dont convert – 3 Sikhs were kidnapped & killed when they refused to convert to islam.


  3. >>”That is exactly what the Muslim terrorist want: fear.”<<

    You're giving the terrorists what they want: strupidity and weakness. They know they can't beat us if we're wise and stand strong. Facilitating for terrorists creates more terrorism.

  4. In the bad old days there are people, sympathizing and fawning to communists without being communists themselves. They were called fellow travellers or in Lenin’s own words useful idiots. This Will Heaven is just an ignorant idiot and a moron to boot.

  5. I argue for active community participation against muslims – i.e. if a muslim get on the bus and starts praying … throw it off. The very act of a muslim doing this is a sign of an unwillingness to integrate – and for that the mohammedan should be punished. I have met people like Will Heaven – fools who have no grasp of the realities. There is little you can do to open their eyes.

  6. I will add the the real moderate muslim does not need to pray on a bus – these are the folks who are able to put their religion in perspective (yes – these folks do exist) and who would not be considered proper practicing muslims by the extremists – those muslims who pray in public are the extremists – so when you see them (the extremists), make their lives sufficiently horrible – they deserve no place in our society. All islamists should be deported.

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