Hirsi Ali calls on Americans to fight for the human rights of Muslim women

Robert Spencer discovers an old enemy agent among the Islamo-whiners who tried to discredit her speech:

Freedom fighter Ayaan Hirsi Ali spoke at the University of Wisconsin-Madison last night, and Rashid Dar, the head of the campus chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim Students Association, in this article affects a posture of wounded victimhood, claiming that Hirsi Ali — who was raised a Muslim in a Muslim country — paints an inaccurate picture of Islam, and whining about that ever-present phantom backlash that never materializes. His name was familiar, so I hunted down my account of my own address at the same university in October 2008. And lo and behold, I found that a young man whom I described as an “arrogant and self-righteous lout” who tried to shout me down was none other than…Rashid Dar.

I expect that besides whining to this reporter, Dar was involved in the shouts of “Allah akbar” that were designed to intimidate Hirsi Ali and disrupt her speech.

This thug-in-training really ought to be disciplined by the university for his continual disruptions of talks by people who tell the truth about Islamic supremacism. But he won’t be, of course, because his world view meshes with that of the university administration, and Hirsi Ali’s does not.

“Controversial feminist speaks as part of DLS,” by Lydia Statz in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Daily Cardinal, February 3/via JW

“Her entire agenda has been promoting Islamophobia,” –  more on Ayaan Ali Hirsi’s speech at Wisconsin’s Union Theater.

Police lead Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s lecture attendees through metal detectors at the Wisconsin Union Theater on Tuesday. Ali called the treatment of Muslim women “one of the world’s great inequalities.”

The Muzz whines:

“I see this as people slowly becoming suspicious of Islam, and suspicion leads to hatred and much worse things,” said Rashid Dar, president of UW-Madison’s Muslim Student Association.

“You shouldn’t take Muslims as a subversive fifth column group that is planning to one day take over and start cutting hands off. We’re normal people, too.”

Not when Muzz is in charge.  Then the fanatical frenzy  takes over. JS Online

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  1. I am to the point where I don’t care about the human rights of muslim women – they don’t care, the ones who are free here don’t care. why should I waste my energy? From the bottom of my soul – I don’t care. In fact, I find Muslim women just as disgusting as Muslim men.

    muslims do nothing to change sharia laws for anyone – themselves or for others.

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