Iran goes nuclear, threatens to wipe out Israel, seeks seat on UN security council….

Check this out, from Atlas:

Iran a “Nuclear State”

Thug-In-Chief enriches uranium faster than Obama can cook up sanctions

Here’s Obambi’s answer:

Obama’s National Defense Review Ignores Iran and Islam in Favor of…Climate Change!…

‘Israel’s obliteration is certain’

I’m sure it was totally out of context. He didn’t mean it. The mullah’s actually love Jews. At least the ones from Neturai Karta.  It must be a mistranslation by some evil Zionist. Because deep down, they really, really want peace….

Vlad Tepes:

Iran uses ‘enemies of God’ charge on protesters

Shah’s son urges help for Iran’s protesters

Ahmadinejad Tells Syria to “Finish Israel Off” if Iran is Attacked…

Iranian militia tried to attack Italian embassy

ROME, Feb 9 (Reuters) – Dozens of members of Iran’s religious Basij militia tried to attack Italy’s embassy in Tehran on Tuesday, Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini said.  He said similar incidents had occurred at the French and Dutch embassies in Tehran.  More>>

3 thoughts on “Iran goes nuclear, threatens to wipe out Israel, seeks seat on UN security council….”

  1. Why are we continuing to fart around doing nothing while these awful people are not only developing the nuclear capability to attack us, but publicly boasting about it? No more debate; the allies go into iran now, annihilate their nuclear facilities, bring their military to its knees and make it perfectly plain what will happen if any attempt is made to reestablish either.
    As far as I can see, there is only one thing standing in our way – barack hussein. Does anyone have a useful idea here?

  2. I know that the opposing forces in the U.S. are getting stronger and Obama, I feel, is realising this and pushing on with a much of his agenda as he thinks he can implement before he loses control soon. I saw a look of defeatism or resignation in his expression, when singing with ‘the gang’ about the ‘Civil Rights Movement”, not reminising.

    Have you noticed how there are only black people in any White House function now. There are only 14 million of them in the U.S., why the imbalance in presentation. They have too much hate in their hearts to rule wisely for ALL.

    I am not familiar with the strategies the stop him with their laws, but I would assume he has crossed the line many times with treason. They should start there!

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