"Islamophobia is a crime against humanity"

The above quote stems from Turkey’s chief Islamist Tayyip Erdogan. Informed WoJ readers know that “Islamophobia” is a plot to shut down free speech and criticism of Islam. “Humanity” translated means ‘Muslims only’- because  unbelievers are the “vilest of creatures’. Our  politcally incorrect dictionary defines  an Islam-o-phobe as an unbeliever who knows too much about Islam.

A parliamentary inquiry into Islamophobia is needed

Cartoon snatched from ZIP

Osama Saeed, SNP parliamentary candidate for Glasgow Central makes the following commitment:

“I will … if elected this year, work across the House of Commons to establish an all-party inquiry into Islamophobia. We have precedent in this from the similar committee looking into anti-semitism which examined the causes and made recommendations on the way forward. Rigourous investigation needs to be brought to the phenomenon of Islamophobia to stop the hate spiralling further in the tough years to come.”   Osama Saeed’s blog

Weasel Zippers:

Meanwhile, the global jihad rages on:

from Pakistan:

Rampaging Islamic Mob Alert: 150 Pakistani Islamists Raid Christian Community Attacking 2 Churches, Muslim Mob Burn Down 8 Churches in Nigeria…

Catholic News (February 24, 2010)- Pakistani politicians and Church leaders are appealing for calm after a Muslim mob in Karachi attacked two churches and a Christian community.

About 150 armed Muslims raided a Christian colony in the Pahar Ganj area of Karachi on Feb. 21. They shot at houses, beat Christians, vandalized vehicles and destroyed shops, UCA News reports.

Four motorcycles were burnt and two auto rickshaws and several shops destroyedduring the two-hour attack.

…to Nigeria

Muslim Mob Burns Down Christian Shops, 8 Churches in Nigeria– ICC

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6 thoughts on “"Islamophobia is a crime against humanity"”

  1. “Rigourous investigation needs to be brought to the phenomenon of Islamophobia to stop the hate spiralling further in the tough years to come.”

    So basically, we are all hateful racists because we oppose:

    * The forceful invasion and takeover of our lands
    * The kidnap and rape of our daughters, wives and sisters
    * Massive importation of illegal drugs
    * Explosives killing innocent people on their way to work
    * Enforced conversion of non-muslims
    * Religiously motivated attacks on people of Christian, Jewish, Hindu and Sikh faiths, along with desecration of religious icons and buildings associated with the aforementioned faiths
    * Fraudulant claims of bigotry and racism, along with a hell of a lot of insurance fraud and compensation culture
    * Politicians who willfully assist in all of the above and the islamification of our lands

    What they basically mean is:


    This is the way islam works, and has worked since it’s inception. It doesn’t help much that every Western political system is very much in favour of islamisation, this means only one party to contest elections and one singular mindset to control. If there is a New World Order, I very much doubt it is of the Jewish persuasion, like the muslims and stormfronters and conspiracy nuts are quick to point the finger at, the most likely candidate for the New World Order would be the House of Saud, and the billions they are throwing at every elected politician the world over to subvert and overthrow the political process and indeed pressure the natives into accepting islam!!!

  2. I think, in my own honest opinion, that islamophobia is truly a virtue. It is natural to fear something that poses a threat to your own well-being, and it is natural and justified to eliminate that threat before it eliminates you!

    The Nazi’s posed this threat and were unmercifully desposed of by the might of the Allied forces only a few decades ago. The sad reality of today is that we no longer have the same caliber of leadership, the decisive and brave men that led us to victory are no longer welcome in politics. It is now seen as virtuous to turn the other cheek, and when that cheek becomes bruised, to expose your rear end and…. well you get the picture. Our society has become so weakened that we applaud those who hate us and elevate them to hero status, and demonize those who would protect us as vile racists. There has never in history been a society who exhibited such self-destructive traits to have survived, and with good reason, how can you survive when you hate the very fabric of your own existence?

    There is good news though, and as apocalyptic as this sounds, when the liberals and left-wingers and do-gooders have all perished in the flames of their own politically correct vanity, there will remain small tribes of those who uphold the morals and courage once prevalent in Western society, and it will be from there that we rebuild the West and expel those who have sought to do us harm. As long as there are free-thinkers, untouched by the propaganda that is state education and media, there will always be a Western resistance.

    This may seem like crazy Nationalist hyperbole to the casual reader, but as a member of the white working under-class, i’ve developed a bit of a siege mentality, and it seems very much like what i’ve described is highly likely to occur. If it’s to happen, I just hope very much that i’m still fit and able to do my bit for Queen and country!!!!

  3. Since all who question the insanity of Islam are branded Islamophobic, which denotes a mental illness. As part of a similar psychological put down, I have been posting that “Islam Supporters have Paedophilic, Misogynist and Bestial tendencies???”, I hope this catches on World Wide.

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