Ivy League Education: “How to Give a Textbook Bl*w job”

Look who just got himself a job with Princeton University:

Watermelon man: die-hard commie and pretend-environmentalist Van Jones just landed himself a cushi little job with an Ivy League Institution… the radical racist conspiracy loon will fit right in with like minded wakademia….WaPo has more>>

Paul Hoft/Gateway Pundit

Your child is learning more on campus these days than you ever would have imagined. Skills that will help your child climb the ladder of success. Skills that will make your child marketable. Don’t worry about the recession. By the time your child graduates from Wash U. in St. Louis, your little darling will know what it takes to succeed. After all, it’s a tough market out there. And, your child will need the necessary skills to get ahead. Right?

The Student Life is the independent newspaper of Washington University in St. Louis since 1878.
The latest edition of this liberal rag discusses “How to give a textbook blow job.”

From the article by Lucy Moore/Sex Columnist

So, here goes my knowledge collected from interviewing men and women, and my observations (including those drawn from porn), which I will organize into a list of tips to be used at one’s own discretion. Remember: all men—and their penises—are different. These are not rules. Also, remember, STDs are transmitted from oral sex, too!


1. Always keep the entirety of the shaft of the penis and the head covered with something, mouth or hand. As I find that not everyone is capable of deepthroating manuevers, especially when it comes to a man who is well endowed, I often find it helpful to think of blowjobs as handjob-blowjob combos; keep your left hand on the shaft in rhythm with your mouth over the head and whatever shaft you are able to keep in your mouth.

2. Mix it up, but not too much: Try and balance trying to create a unique experience for your partner (swirling of your tongue over the head, movement of your tongue down the shaft in succession, for example) with consistent rhythm that can maintain and build an orgasm……

So, this is what they’re teaching at liberal universities these days? And, just think, it only costs $39,800 a year.

UPDATE: This is from the Wash U paper’s comment section–