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The conscience stifled by Amnesty – Criticism of Islamist links not allowed

Islamization Watch

Amnesia  infiltrated by Muzz?  What else is new?

When Gita Sahgal questioned the human rights group’s links to Islamic radicals, it suspended her. Now she fears for her safety   Read more…

US Muslims warned not to go through airport body scanners because they violate Islamic law ~ but Muslims in Britain who refuse may be barred from boarding

Wait a minute: that would make sense! But hey, we can’t have that….. But then again: who gives a f*kc for Islamic law? We make the law, we call the shots. Go ride a camel, you miserable goatf*kcers!

And what are Muslims doing? Why, they’re trying to bypass these new measures that are specifically designed for them, of course: Airport Body Scanners Violate the Teachings of Islam, Says Muslim Group.

Jawa Report:

One interesting comment

On another Jihadist site, a visitor questions security involving 3D scanners at British airports asking: “Can I refuse [to pass through] for religious reasons?”

Puff Ho  Hits  New Low With This Image

Titled “Major Afghan Offensive…US Troops Complain About Rules of Engagement”

Jihad Watch:

Indonesia: Clerics’ council says aerobics contrary to Islam

Bomb making, infidel killing, beheadings, burning churches is okay though….

Sudan opposition leader says genocidal violence a “jihad”

Gee, and I thought jihad was all about ‘inner struggle’….

UK: Jailed murderer pours boiling oil over another inmate because he refused to convert to Islam

There is no compulsion in religion, remember?

Jihadism: are we winning yet?

Andrew Bolt should know better then to present himself as a naive fool. But remember, Murdoch’s empire is partly owned by Saudi prince Al Waleed who makes sure that Islam doesn’t get a bad rap.

France: Headscarf wearing Muslim on Communist party list

No surprises here. The old Muzz-commie alliance usually lasts until Islam comes to rule. Then the heads come off….

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  1. No kaw, the muslimas will need dedicated gym hours to allow them to take part in activities that their “cultural sensitivities” currently restrict them from joining in where men can get a glimpse of uncovered finger or toe — much like the “modesty” sessions in infidel swimming pools.

    20 years ago, who expected that cultural apartheid would be imposed upon us, aided & abetted by our fawning politicians.

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