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From the Religion of Peace:

Two Sikhs Beheaded by Religion of Peace

Because they didn’t pay the jiziya:

Sources said the Sikhs were kidnapped from the Bara area of Khyber Agency by the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan. They were kidnapped 34 days ago and the Taliban had demanded Rs 30 million as ransom. Two of the Sikhs were beheaded after the expiry of the deadline for the ransom payment, sources said.

Allowing other religions to practice their religion is  Un-Islamic.

Islamic supremacists murder another Copt in Egypt, outside building Muslims feared would be used as a church

Numerous Muslim attorneys volunteered to defend the Copt killers for free as seven attorneys representing the interests of the victims looked on.

10-Year-Old Yemeni Girl ‘Raped Daily’ by Older Husband…

Aisha & Mohammed

After a week of fighting off her husband every night, Aisha’s father was called. He had received 200,000 Yemeni Rial ($1,000) for his daughter in ‘shart’, a Yemeni dowry, which he could not pay back.

“My Dad made a cup of tea and put some pills in it, which he gave me. The pills made me feel dizzy,” said Aisha. “My Dad told me to sleep with my husband, or he would kill me, but I refused.”

A girl can be married at just nine…..

Muslims Desperate to Enter West Scuttle Boats with Children…

(Sweden) Muslim Immigrants Driving Jews Out of Malmo…

The lead paragraph in this Telegraph article says that Sweden’s reputation as a tolerant, liberal nation is suffering — as if Swedes have suddenly become anti-Semitic. But when you read down into the article a bit, you see that it is actually Muslim immigrants who are responsible for the anti-Semitic attacks. So the problem is that Swedes have been too tolerant and liberal, in tolerating the planting and proliferation of a hateful, supremacist, and anti-Semitic ideology on Swedish soil.

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  1. More news:

    The EDL leadership have been arrested after raids on their homes, and computers seized:


    On Saturday 20th February 2010 Members of the leadership team of the English Defence League were arrested as they traveled to Scotland to support the Scottish Defence League demonstration.

    While in custody the team members homes and families homes were raided by police armed with automatic machine guns which terrified the leaderships family which included small children and other older family members. Computer equipment was seized during the 3 hour raid.

    Leadership team members were banned from attending any meeting with more than 3 edl members then bailed to return to a police station in Sheffield in the near future.

    Seems like nu-labours political task force (formerly known simply as “the police”) are desperate to enforce the message that any resistance is futile. Only a week ago the police issued warnings to the EDL that islamic suicide bombers may target future EDL events:


    I thought it was a citizens right in a democratic society to demonstrate against any injustice they see fit to. Obviously not in Gordon’s fledgling islamic state…… and in the run up to the election too, that’s one way of securing the islamic block vote, isn’t it?

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