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Stampede in Timbuktu Kills 26 Mosqueteers

Timbuktu, in the Sahara Desert, was once a centre of Islamic learning. (That sure helped them to advance civilization, lets go and learn something!/ed)

Londonistan: Ed Husain sez we need more fartwas

Fartwa against Jihad

Sadly, we all remember the death warrant on Salman Rushdie but next month a fatwa against terrorism will be delivered.

Ed Husein is a “moderate pretender”, one of Britain’s kumbaya Muslims, paid  for by the delusional Nullabor gov’t to pull the Islamic wool over infidel eyes and ears… (I can’t wait to see  this fartwa, Eddie!)

Iran: Nine Christians arrested amid crackdown

Will the Christianophobia never end? (JW)

The ENEMY Within

British Muslim Fanatics Cheer Soldiers Deaths

Sedition is a word that is seldom used today in our Multicultural PC world, but Islam is behind the erosion of our society in so many ways. From our Government, to our Military, to our Police, to our Legal system, to our Education system, Stealth Jihad is alive and flourishing.Looks like we need a lot more interfaith-kumbaya….More>>

There is no compulsion in religion:

(Reuters) - French aid worker Pierre Camatte, who returned to France on Thursday after being freed from captivity by North African al Qaeda militants, said his captors tried repeatedly to convert him to Islam.

More from the ROP:

Prison Jihad USA

CAIR Looks to Turn American Convicts into Soldiers of Allah…

Syed Arsalan Bukhari, executive director of the Washington CAIR chapter, issued an Internet call last week saying that “Muslim volunteers” are “direly needed in the 20 or so state institutions across our state to lead study/discussion/halaqah sessions for inmates, lead prayers and just generally insure that inmates are receiving the services they need.”

CAIR’s ties to Hamas and its chronic support for alleged terrorists and their financiers might give corrections officials pause about the wisdom of such a relationship with the organization. Those ties appear to be the focus of a federal grand jury investigation in Washington, D.C. Bukhari’s own statements might add to that concern:  More>>

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  1. Anthony Bergin must be another one of those researchers on a steady government drip of research grants hoping for more, that’s why he peddles that hopnchange snake oil.

    I’m sure the Nazis would do well integrating him….

  2. Another case of islam and Christianity becoming more like each other

    Stampede in Timbuktu Kills 26 Mosqueteers
    Woman loses shoes in Selfridge’s January Sales crush

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