Jordan's plucky little king: "there are extremists in every religion…"

The interview was conducted by the slick CNN obfuscater Fareed Zakaria, who is himself the son of an imam: Interview with King Abdullah II of Jordan; Interview With John Yoo

Carl doens’t buy any:

Jordan’s Abdullah: ‘The sky is falling, the sky is falling’

Jordan’s King Abdullah is playing Chicken Little, touting the ‘fierce moral urgency‘ of establishing a ‘Palestinian state’ before the ‘invisible line’ disappears and leaves his kingdom in danger of becoming the ‘Palestinian state’ as it rightfully should.

In a CNN interview CNN aired Sunday, Abdullah estimated that there was no more than a month to move the peace process forward.

He warned of what may take place in the Arab League summit, criticized the American administration and noted that “the credibility of the US is under question.”

The Jordanian king was careful not to personally attack US President Barack Obama, who he said was “extremely committed”. He added, however, that Obama was busy with many other matters and was facing political difficulties, while “we desperately need the undivided attention of the United States in order to set the right tone for negotiations between the Israelis and the Palestinians.”

Undivided attention? Good luck with that. Not that it would make any difference anyway.

The ‘Palestinians’ have no interest in a state – what they want is to replace the Jewish state. Maybe we can let them replace the Jordanian state. Call it an interim step. They might even get used to it and stop clambering to replace Israel.


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  1. Wow that reply is harsh! But I agree with it. The common characteristic of all haters and generalizers is ignorance. They judge a religion by judging extremist minorities ( that exist in every religion). And they try to twist the truth whenever they can. Open your eyes people, don’t judge until you see the full picture, which can’t be accomplished by watched the jewisj controlled media. The king of Jordan is doing his best under the didfficult conditions of the whole palistinian israeli problem.

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