Kenya Jihad

Kenyan clergy reject constitution draft, say it introduces Sharia law by stealth – and exempts Muslims from adhering to bill of rights on equality

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This what the whole stink surrounding Kenya’s elections was all about — the opposition leader – Raila Odinga – was found have made a secret deal with Muslim leaders to introduce Shari’a law if elected – while he was not quite elected – to settle the violent dispute that ensued – he was brought in as deputy PM or President – the mention of Islam in the proposed constitution can only be seen as a fulfilment of the promise for Shari’a law made to his electorate.

If in this new proposal – the Muslims are seeking to be excluded from right and freedoms as set out by the bill of rights for the rest of Kenya’s country men ~ it shows you already that Muslim women who use the Islamic [Kadhi] courts are going to get a bum deal. Those who want to leave Islam may also be punished under the court.

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NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 1 – Kenya’s momentum towards a new constitution suffered a setback on Monday when senior Christian leaders vowed to reject it over the inclusion of the Kadhi courts.

Several church leaders castigated the newest draft released by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Constitution Review (PSC) last Friday on account that it was discriminatory over the courts and by making several references to Islam.

The clergy threatened to shoot down the draft in the referendum should their demands be ignored.

“If matters we consider fundamental have been voiced and ignored, the only weapon Christians are left with is to reject the draft but rather sadly,” said the Secretary General of the National Council of Churches of Kenya Canon Peter Karanja who chaired the meeting.

“We are not dying for merely any Constitution but one that enshrines justice for all.”

The leaders reiterated that the State should be separated form religion and since Kenya is considered a secular State no religion should be mentioned in the supreme law.

The draft establishes the Kadhi courts but limits them to the determination of questions of Muslim law relating to personal status, marriage, divorce or inheritance in proceedings in which all the parties profess the Muslim religion and submit to the jurisdiction of the Kadhi’s courts. The church leaders are also irate with a proposal to exempt Muslims from sections of the Bill of Rights.

Article 23(6) under the Bill of Rights states:
“No right or fundamental freedom set out in the Bill of Rights may be limited except………………..The provisions of this Chapter on equality shall be qualified to the extent strictly necessary for the application of Muslim law before the Kadhi’s courts, to persons who profess the Muslim religion, in matters relating to personal status, marriage, divorce and inheritance.”

But the Church leaders claimed the mention of Islam in the Constitution was a crafty agenda to introduce Sharia law in the country.

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