Look here, KRudd: THIS is a hockey stick!

Australia’s Labor Thugs Follow Once Great Britain’s Lead to Replace the Natives With a Mohammedan Proletariat:

Serious, Scary Stuff from Aussie News & Views, Must Watch!

Hey this Muslim immigration and Multiculturalism is simply fantastic ay?

No further evidence is needed to prove the treachery of the Australian lefts “Multiculturalism” and now the Rudd Labor Government’s “open borders” come one come all, substitute for border security.

A military strategy developed by the left fifth column in Australia some 30 years ago during the radical left wing Labor Government of E.G. Whitlam, Gough Whitlam, under this lunatic and his Communist Deputy PM Jim Cairns Australia was brought to the brink of economic and national security destruction.

The Australian Labor Party and their financiers the Australian Council of Trade Union’s (ACTU) mantra of all Cultures,Religions,beliefs are equal, now enters it 30th plus year of refutation and abject failure in Australia.

Australia has never been more divided and has never been a more dangerous place to live in, than it is these last 15 or 20 years,

Thanks Australian Labor Party,thanks ACTU.

Hands up any Australians who would like more illegal immigrants or more Muslim immigrants ? or more third world African immigrants setting up their own territories on Australian soil?

How many more before Rudd winds back his “reforms”

Andrew Bolt

And still they come, now that Kevin Rudd has weakened our border laws:

A SUSPECTED asylum seeker boat with 10 passengers aboard has been intercepted near the Ashmore Islands of northwestern Australia.

It is the 14th boat to have arrived in Australian waters so far in 2010.

From our ‘they-just-keep-coming’ department:

The red dot on this Department of Immigration graphic marks the date that the Rudd Government announced it was weakening our laws to deter boat people. You see the result, even with the Government trying to push the new arrivals through the system faster than ever,

You’re paying for this.

And this is how it works:

Bang, and you’re in

So why were these illegal immigrants – and suspected criminals – given Australian residency by the Rudd Government?

MANY of the asylum seekers aboard a boat that exploded near Ashmore Reef, killing five people, were aware of a plan to set it alight, the Northern Territory Coroner said yesterday.

Greg Cavanagh said he held the reasonable view that a crime was committed on the boat known as SIEV 36 before the explosion and would refer allegations against three Afghan men to authorities for the possible laying of criminal charges

Summing up evidence at a three-week inquest into the deaths, Stephen Walsh, QC, counsel assisting the coroner, said it was likely that Sabzali Salman, Arman Ali Brahimi and Mohammad Anwar Mohammadi acted in concert to implement a plan that involved a series of deliberate acts to ensure they could not be sent back to Indonesia.

But last October:

ALL surviving asylum-seekers from the boat that exploded off WA in April will be granted permanent residency in Australia.  Ahead of a coronial inquest into the cause of the blaze that killed five of their fellow passengers, the 42 Afghan men from the boat that was set alight on April 16 will be released into the community this week…

Once here, we wonder:

Australia had welcomed these men and their families. What turned them against Australia?

Andrew Bolt again:   These terrorists have many friends

The Sydney Morning Herald reveals more strong evidence of a dangerous us-against-them victimology in Sydney’s Muslim community. From its background piece on the five Muslims sentenced in Sydney last week for plotting terrorism in Australia:

(O)ne community leader suggested Muslims could be split into four camps on the case: those who believed, like Sheikh Taj el-Din al Hilaly, that the five men were convicted for their thoughts, not their actions; extremists who, while normally Hilaly’s rivals, supported this line and hoped it would stir anger and radicalise more people; those who believed the court’s finding must be accepted and that Australia’s security is paramount; and a ‘’silent’’ group who went further, believing – though not declaring – that the five got what they deserved…

Many Muslims feel under siege this week; that Islam has been prosecuted and its adherents persecuted. Uthman Badar, from the Australian arm of Hizb ut-Tahrir, a group banned in some countries for its extremism, said anti-terrorism laws here had lowered the burden of proof. People were being prosecuted merely for their ideas. “…The anti-terror laws were designed to silence Muslims through fear and intimidation.’’

Samir Dandan, from the Lebanese Muslim Association, says many Muslims believe they receive harsher treatment than non-Muslim Australians. …

One Muslim community leader …considers people naive if they believe Hilaly, who claims he can confirm ‘’100 per cent’’ that the five men are innocent. But this leader does not want to put his name to his comments, knowing it would draw a backlash from his community at such a sensitive time.

‘’We see a lot of anger out there,’’ says Keysar Trad, founding chairman of the Islamic Friendship Association. Anger, he says, at the violence against Muslim countries; anger that Muslims are too readily blamed for troubles… On the odd occasion, hotheads have approached Trad, Hilaly and other imams, but ‘’our immediate response is that violence is unacceptable under Islamic teaching’’. Would they report them to police? ‘’Would a priest refer someone who comes to him to the police if he feels he has talked that person out of committing a crime?’’

The Sydney Morning Herald, in reporting this, asks of the terrorists (most of whom were born in Lebanon or Bangladesh):

Australia had welcomed these men and their families. What turned them against Australia?

The SMH is too timid to directly answer that question. But surely when so many Muslim leaders freely concede the terrorists have the support – or at least the silence – of so many fellow Muslims here we must ask what influence their faith has in licensing such hatred, or such tribalism.

And until we are sure that Islam, as interpreted today, no longer encourages believers to side like this against their new Australian home, it would be prudent to more strictly limit the arrival of yet more of its adherents. The racists we should fear are not outselves, but the terrorists and their supporters.

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  1. And checkout Rachel Lockwood -> http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/contributors/muslims-the-focus-of-misplaced-fears-20100219-olqk.html

    Rachel Woodlock is a future eater. Also happens to have a vested interested in the growth of Islam in this country – “Rachel Woodlock is a researcher and doctoral candidate at the Centre for Islam and the Modern World, Monash University.

    According to Future eater Rachel, we’re one of the most ‘odious’ groups on Facebo…ok. She also says that “The evidence suggests that Muslim settlement and integration into Australian society is, by and large, successful.” – well, except for the ones who want blow us up. She goes on to say “A good many of them (or their parents) fled totalitarian regimes in search of freedom and they tell us they have found it in Australia. ” Well maybe they can bugger off again and take Rachel with them.

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