Mohammedan Tolerance

With thanks to the RoP:

UK Imam Jailed for Beating Child with Stick…

A RELIGIOUS leader has been jailed for punching and kicking a nine-year-old boy, then beating him with a bamboo stick.

Gulam Hussain, 44, of Knotts Green Road, in Leyton, was jailed for 12 weeks today at Walthamstow Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to common assault by beating.

Moroccan Military Raids Bible Study, Detains Children…

Order to detain 18 nationals, deport U.S. citizen apparently came from highest levels.
MARSEILLES, France, February 9 (CDN) — A large, military-led team of Moroccan authorities raided a Bible study in a small city southeast of Marrakech last week, arresting 18 Moroccans and deporting a U.S. citizen, area Christian leaders said. (I’m sure it was only for their own safety…/ed)

Interesting statement:

The fight against Christian proselytizing in accordance with law cannot be considered among human rights abuses,” the Moroccan government spokesman said, “for it is an action aimed at preventing attempts to undermine the country’s immutable religious values. The freedom of belief does not mean conversion to another religion.”

Danish Imam Endorses Wife-Beating (When Necessary)…

As long as she wears that hijab she should be safe from stoning……

They all do, because it says so in the Koran. But in Denmark, Danish law is the law of the land. This headbanger doesn’t respect the law he has to be ejected. At once.

Amnesty Intl. Suspends Rights Activist, Keeps Islamist…

Amnesia is, and has been, in the Mohammedan pocket for a long time. Their funds should be confiscated, their finances investigated and the whole operation should shape up or ship out.

Discrimination and Intolerance in Saudi Arabia

The Saudis are world leaders in propogating Islam. An interview with a Christian formerly jailed for his faith provides a window into the sort of world that they are trying to bring about.

3 thoughts on “Mohammedan Tolerance”

  1. * Moroccan Military Raids Bible Study, Detains Children…

    I wonder if Solkhar the anti-Christian snitch had a hand in it.

  2. If it weren’t for the fear factor and the threat of murder, know for sure that all but a few die-hard mozies would have sought another religion (lest I name Christianity exclusively) a long, long, long time ago – like 1400 years ago. That cult would have taken its last breath in its cradle.

    May the Lord forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. But I am certain of one thing – the Apostle Paul who was by today’s standards a “Jewish Jihadist” had his life transformed in such a dramatic way upon his encounter with the ONLY Lord and Saviour. The impact of Paul’s conversion was so powerful that it secured the downfall of an empire.

    Jesus Christ is the only answer to the defeat of this cults snare. Do you hear this Tamimi?

  3. In places like Iran , there are a lot of pretend muslims..they have to pretend to be muslim to stay alive. Privately, many cling to their country’s old pre islamic beliefs.

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