More Dhimmitude Every Day

Danish paper caves to Muslim intimidation, apologizes for publishing Motoons

Another embarrassing media sellout:   A DANISH newspaper was accused yesterday of betraying press freedom after it apologised to Muslims for offence caused by its reprinting a cartoon showing the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb-shaped turban. More>>

Foto Montage of the Day from Tundra Tabloids:

Islam in Europe

Netherlands: Crown-Prince studied Islam

Wanna bet that he studied the neutered version for infidel consumption with explanations from Koran Armstrong and Johnny Esposito?

Liverpool: Police officers to protect hijab-girls on buses

No hijab mama left behind…. and I thought the police was supposed to protect us…!

Wilders enemies are trying to smear him with 9-year old movie

Netherlands: Islam should be respected, says.. Wilders

The world moved on, but some are stuck on stoopid and go snooping in Wilders past….

Atlas Shrugs: Infiltration Watch

Muslim Congressmen Ellison Won’t Call Armenian Genocide Instead Calls On America to Recognize “Its Own Genocide”

One thought on “More Dhimmitude Every Day”

  1. I’m going to watch channel 4 news in a minute – been watching bbc news regularly – unless I’ve missed it (I don’ t think I have ) , I haven’t seen ANYTHING on the most important thing in the history of the world
    i.e. the agreement to join Europe with the muslim world and the projected arrival of 54 million north africans into Europe –
    the euro -arab partnership ( it seems to go by many names but that’s one of them )
    Don’t suppose I’ll see anything on channel 4 either .

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