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KRudd, a man with a plan:

Problems with Islamic terrorism, international or domestic?

Lets ignore the problem and instead put added constraints on all visitors to Australia:

The KRudd Government today will reveal new plans to stop terrorists coming into Australia with a $69 million scheme to force many visitors to give fingerprints and facial scans before getting a visa.

Kevin Rudd must not be mocked

Video here of your overworked police, rushing to stop yet another crime.

POLICE are baffled how they did it but the Prime Minister definitely has a problem in Rose Bay – with a large illuminated traffic sign sending the message: “Kevin Rudd sucks”…

Locals have been stopping their cars to take photographs – and the sign caused such a distraction that the police were called in at 3am today.

Working hard to preserve the Prime Minister’s honour, the dedicated police officers took to the power box powering the sign with bolt cutters to turn off the lights.


From Aussie News & Views:

Paul Maley /The Australian

ASIO saves Australians from Mansour Leghaei

Iranian agent gets the boot: MANSOUR Leghaei, the Iranian cleric twice declared a security threat by ASIO, has been given 28 days to leave the country after an immigration appeals tribunal rejected his final application to remain in Australia.

Despite desperate KRudd  propaganda who assured us that he and his kind are   “… an asset to the Australian and Muslim communities.”

Of bolting horses and stable doors

Andrew Bolt


THE threat of home-grown terrorism has intensified in the past six years, according to the long-awaited national security blueprint to be released on Tuesday.

The Counter-Terrorism White Paper finds there has been an increase in the threat from people “born or raised” in Australia who have been influenced by a violent jihadist message.


The Rudd Government today will reveal new plans to stop terrorists coming into Australia with a $69 million scheme to force many visitors to give fingerprints and facial scans before getting a visa.


Don’t miss this part from the Heraldsun

The Government, which has been concerned for some time about the rise of domestic extremism, commissioned a study by Islamic scholar Prof Abdullah Saeed.

It is expected to unveil a plan to “build social cohesion” between communities, to encourage understanding and respect for cultural and religious differences and promote shared values. One option includes providing support for community leaders to challenge those who promote extremist propaganda and violence.

Mr Rudd is expected to highlight counter-terrorism successes in Afghanistan, Pakistan and throughout South-East Asia, although the White Paper notes a concerning rise in extremist groups in Somalia and Yemen.

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  1. Kevin One-Zero thinks that Australia’s “vibrant multicultural community” is a defence against terrorism. I think it is a cause.

  2. “But since you are forcing yourselves (and your abhorrent belief-system on us) we will defend ourselves, because we must.”

    Why even ask for discussion – clearly you have no intention of accepting the reality – as your Islamic text demands you to do from its very first pages – unless adherents of Islam start to realise the fact which non-adherents have tragically had to face since the very conception of this sect – Surah 2. Al-Baqara (The Cow) is a textual corner stone of genocide against other – you will always believe wrongly muslims are the victims – which is total delusion. In fact quite the reverse.

    Religion excused insanity – may whatever God which may exist deliver us from this stupidity.

    Take up sailing for God sake and the sake of a peaceful future for all humanity.

    “the guiding principles of modern life” = a reflected seventh century Arab nomadic culture.

    Islam a template for violence and diminished outcomes for Muslim youth

    Where does this inability on the behalf of Muslim youth to realise the error of their beliefs come from – in part it comes directly from the Islamic text itself which defines anyone who does not believe as unknowledgeable, arrogant, ignorant, etc .. and most deservedly destined for grievous harm (as we see by the hour).

    More importantly, this reticence of Muslim youth to face Truth and Right are not simply to do with the Islamic text itself but restrictions on the actual intellectual development of Muslim children based on notions derived from the Islamic text which forms the basis for Muslim children’s upbringing based on seventh century Arab nomadic culture.

    The following highlights the inevitability of Islamic practices stunting the ability not only of Muslim youth’s ability to question the discourse enveloping them but worst of all for a majority of muslim youth condemns Muslim youth to a less than optimum educational and societal status within a modern pluralist society.

    “Can madrasahs bridge the education gap? BY ASIM SIDDIQUI, MARCH 1, 2010 Learning 2.0 LONDON, ENGLAND altmuslim

    Studies show that poor educational attainment and professional underachievement are prevalent amongst young British Muslims. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation, an independent development and social research charity, found that British Muslims are less upwardly mobile than their Hindu, Christian and Jewish counterparts. This trend appears consistent across Europe, where Muslims are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than non-Muslims.

    … Local mosques and madrasahs can help.”


    “It’s also very clear that the human brain is highly experience-dependent. That means that the life you lead influences your brain-sometimes for worse, sometimes for better.”
    “If you give a child an interesting, loving, and safe environment, you can expect healthy brain development. But expose a child to abuse, neglect, injury, poor nutrition, or other environmental risk factors and what can you expect-and what you will almost certainly get-is far different.”

    “A child who has been severely neglected may have a brain weight of 25 percent less than that of a typical child. Expose a child to early stressors such as abandonment, threats, or violence, and you may get a brain with a dysregulated stress response system and lower IQ. This child will statistically more likely to suffer from stress and anxiety disorders even depression.”

    Comment: It is my contention the cause of the Muslim youths lack of educational achievement may not be external at all but internal to the Islamic teachings themselves which are violently reactionary to other and are imbued with the enforced culture of, and even the dress standards, of seventh century Arab nomads.

    Why should anyone be surprised muslim children in a pluralist society brought up since birth on such a text which supports a violent mentality of denial of not only others views outside the Islamic text but others Rightful subjugation and violent end if so determined by even one individual of the text.

    Claims that Islamic teachings are “the guiding principles of modern life.” are therefore an obvious absurdity – particularly given the text differential treatment of men and women.

    The suggestion of resolving the clear intellectual achievement gap by having Muslim youth subject to “Local mosques and madrasahs” will only reinforce alienation from the broader community and exacerbate the gaps. There should be a greater chance of increasing the opportunities of Muslim children by doing exactly the opposite by involving them more directly into the broader community.

    Islam should start to be honest with itself regards the negative outcomes not only in regards to the violence generated but the clear negative impact the Islamic discourse are having on adherents own children’s capacity for a happy life.

    As the Islamic text itself is clearly exclusionary and damming of others as reflected in Surah 2. Al-Baqara (The Cow) which is the foundation stone of the Islamic text is it not any wonder with such an imbued attitude the Islamic text itself is the creator an environment of underachievement and exclusion of Muslim youth.

    It would be simple enough to test the validity of the theory. If Muslim adherents really cared for their children they would do so.

    It is very important given the above is true that separate teaching of children by religious based educational institutions be avoided at all costs to maximise the opportunity for success in life of all children within a community.

    Rather than Muslim youth and their leaders blaming the external for their suboptimal opportunities they must start to accept their own violent discourse is the problem. The solution realize the Islamic text is a template for violence and diminished outcomes and take up much more constructive tenets of life contained in such text as ENRICHING THE BRAIN – HOW TO MAXIMIS EVERY LEARNERS POTENTIAL BY ERIC JENSEN.

  3. markjuliansmith,

    For starters it might help to terminate the hate preachers, to close all mosques & madrassas and intern those who wish to harm us. That, along with a blanket ban on shrouds, strict enforcements of OUR laws against FGM, honor killings, wife beatings, polygamy, policing of ‘no go zones’ and rigorous stripping of citizenship for Islam related crime and terror might help to keep the worst from our shores.

    There should also be strict monitoring of ‘reverts’, because new recruits have a propensity to take their new found religion seriously and act on it…..

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