Murtha Kicks the Bucket

“A life wasted in the pursuit of fascist policies.”


Flopping Aces

John K sez:

Hell is filling up fast with the likes of Teddy Kennedy and now Murtha.

Yippie sez:

Once in a war, we’re all in a war. The democrats believe in political wars. They vote for war and then change they’re minds. They actively talk against the troops and leak information that undermines the troops effort… if it works to the dems political aims.

What Murtha did to prejudge and tarnish the Haditha Marines speaks volumes above and beyond his service as a marine. This man had no character. The democrats have no character. If it’s their war, good to go. If the republicans are in charge…. they’ll do anything they can to undermine and delegitimize the effort. They see a line in the sand. All good patriots should see none.

War and military operations should not be entered into lightly and when done so, they should be supported until our troops have prevailed and are out of harms way. Then if a pol wants to whine, well, have at it.

Snipe at Cheney all you want.. apples and oranges. Murtha was a dirty pol and was traitorous during wartime. The sedition act . Never . should. have. been. shelved. period. Of course, we’re in enlightened times.. when all of that kind of stuff is so… 1800’s. Well,… it matters to a lot of us.

Good riddance!

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  1. ding dong the witch is dead, the… ok, so I am not supposed to be this unfeeling.

    I don’t really care if he is dead though.

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