Muslims quitting regional Victoria due to lack of mosques

The Halal Racket

Jane Metlikovec from the Herald Sun is inconsolable:

Many are abandoning regional centres just weeks after they arrive because there are no mosques within hundreds of kilometres of their new homes.

Thanks to Mullah

There are more than 90,000 Muslims in Victoria, and only four mosques in regional areas. There are a further 32 mosques in Melbourne.

(Every mosque is a symbol for conquered territory./ed)

Mufti of Australia, Sheikh Fehmi Naji el-Imam, right, with Ahmad Allouche of the Islamic Society.

About 30 Muslim workers have recently left Warrnambool because the nearest mosque is in Geelong- almost 200km away.

The Islamic Council of Victoria said rural towns would suffer if they didn’t start providing devout Muslims with places of worship.

ICV executive committee member Sherene Hassan said four mosques in regional Victoria was not a large number.

“For devout Muslims a mosque is a central aspect of their lives,” Ms Hassan said.

“If Muslims are leaving towns because of this, then this is affecting these towns economically.”

Meanwhile, in Indonesia:

Indonesia: Muslim mob burns two churches, pastor’s home

“When worship continued unabated, a mob took matters into its own hands.”

Islamic Tolerance Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia/JW

Ms Hassan said the ICV would support any efforts to build new mosques, but said they must be built in consultation with the local community.

“We would want the wider community to support it, and would urge Muslims to consult as widely as possible,” she said.

Warrnambool Muslim community leader Mohamed Khanyari said about 30 workers he had encouraged to move to the state’s west last year had already returned to Melbourne because the area has no mosque.

Curiously, Jane Metlikovec from the Herald Sun doesn’t mention that  the “Warrnambool Muslim community” is nothing more than a bunch of halal butchers. Why not?

Mr Khanyari said plans to bring more migrant workers to the area would fail if a place of worship was not built soon.

“I am already bringing people here to work, but they just cannot stay, because they are very religious people and they must have somewhere to pray,” Mr Khanyari said.

No they  “must not have somewhere to pray”.  Anyhow, who is bringing these “very religious people” to Australia?

Mr Khanyari said Warrnambool was suffering.

“The people I am bringing here are good, skilled workers, but they simply leave because of the situation,” he said.

“It would be good for us, yes, but also good for the town and tourism.

“There are many Muslim families here and we have many visitors who are disappointed when we tell them there is no mosque.”

Mr Khanyari said he would continue to lobby the local council about building a mosque in Warrnambool.

Of course.

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  1. “…“If Muslims are leaving towns because of this, then this is affecting these towns economically.” …”


    It is good riddance!

    After knowing about the real Islam, we, definitely, are releaved that they have gone.

    In fact, many other wholesome businesses quickly fill their places.

  2. “For devout Muslims a mosque is a central aspect of their lives”

    That’s because the mosque is mentioned so much in the Koran I guess. Oh, wait…..

  3. “Mufti of Australia” WTF? Mufti of Australia? since when has the Great Satan , allah, had a foot soldier Officially Ordained as the “Mufti of Australia”? and by whom?
    Give me a break, these arse clowns are trafficked into Australia by Leftist Politicians and their superiors in the Australian Labor Party and their best friends in the Greens and Multicultural Industry.

    To see one of these Godless Loons described as the “Mufti of Australia” is like saying the NAZI Party’s man in Australia, or Pol Pots representative in Australia, or Mao’s man in Australia,or indeed, the worlds most infamous Paedophile Pirate and slave trader’s Australian representative in Australia…. ooops sorry silly me I guess thats exactly what they are saying, arnt they?
    So why do Australians tolerate these scum on our soil?
    “Mufti of Australia” = Rancid Boil on the Arse Hole of Humanity more like it.

    Only the left could embrace such vile filth and paradoy’s of humanities worstand most debased traits to further their Socialist cause.

    Thanks Kevin 07 aka. Lu Kewan,you are a a friend of everything that is NOT Australian and all it stands for you grade three Queensland Public Servant you , the only leader on earth with LESS qualifications than you is your new best friend Hussein Obama.
    Kevin 07 “I have never been a Socialist ” Rudd shove your “Mufti of Australia” as far up your and your ACTU financiers arse holes as far as he/she/ it will go, you and your best friends simply dont belong here… So Fuck Off and take your Koran with you.

  4. 90,000 stinking mussies in Victoria? That’s about 90,000 too many, isn’t it?

    And Aussie…well said, mate!

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