Muslims Threaten Norway: "Moe Pig Cartoon Will Cause Another 9/11"

Mohammedan Ass-Parade

2,500 Muslims protest publication of Motoon in Norway

“It was a test for Norwegian society – whether this would be a peaceful protest or not.” All right. But it is also an ongoing test as to whether or not the freedom of speech will survive in Norway and the West in general. And the jury is still out on that.

“2,500 protest Muhammad cartoon in Norway,” from The Associated Press, February 12 (thanks to JW):


Thanks to Vlad Tepes:

Much more information is available here but in Norwegian. I am waiting on a translation but it would appear that due to the publication of a cartoon that Muslims didn’t like, massive but so far peaceful, demonstrations are taking place in Norway with veiled threats of a “9-11″ style attack as a result of the publication. Yes we all have to make sure we do not upset the Muslims even if it means submitting quietly to the most violent, repugnant,  sexist and racist irrational religious authority perhaps that the world has ever seen. Certainly the one that has done the most harm by orders of magnitude.

From the RoP:

20 thoughts on “Muslims Threaten Norway: "Moe Pig Cartoon Will Cause Another 9/11"”

  1. Muslims hate pigs because they are the true pigs. Why does’nt Norway just throw them out of their country or shoot them and feed them to pigs? Do you know why a muslim kneels with his head touching the ground and his arse up in the air? Do you know what he prays? Hang on, I’ll tell you. He prays, Mohammed, forgive me , else kick my arse.
    The sooner the West realize that these jokers are a real threat and get rid of them, the better for everyone concerned.

  2. The West is just going to have to go through the whole process once more, that of getting rid of turbulent destructive demonic islam. Everywhere they go as soon as they get their feet under the table, they seem to want to destroy the status quo, and make retrograde steps back around 900 years. When will these destructive medieval bloodthirsty people see the light ?

  3. I agree with Huddie, I just want to addition on that they are false Pigs, truths Pigs like me are at the first line of defense of the West.

  4. Islam was the real and undoubted religion! And he who critically criticize the islam, he is such an ignorant in their most joking religion. Then we believed in ALLAH one we worship to and we believed in muhammad and his believers who guide us to the right way of how to worship ALLAH! and you who said rubbish with your useless mouth to muhammad ” you must answer the query one by one in the day here after” And hell is your right position!!!!!!! stupid!!

  5. May Almighty Allah forgive them and show them the right path for the betterment of the entire world…

  6. Where has allah “bettered” any part of God’s earth, Nawushad? allah is leading a rebellion, masterminding a short and bloody dark age unlike anything that has been before, or will come again:

    “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.”
    (Jesus Christ – Matthew 24:21)

    allah will not bring betterment, only destruction on a massive scale.

  7. I m a Muslim person and I want to clarify some misconceptions about Islam and of course i welcome your replies. As far as I m concerned, Islam is a religion as any other one but I believe that the essence of Islam has never been changed unlike Christianity or other religions which were open to changes. For example, in Christianity we have the old testament and the new one as well as the book of James and the book of ……..Secondly, Muslims do not hate pigs or any other animal as we are following the path of our God and prophets and all of them ask for pity to everything: people, animals and even plants. Muslims in fact do not eat pork for many health reasons and a simple research in the Internet may show you the dangers of eating pork. Last but not least, the way Muslims pray to God is the way our prophet taught us and this manner is full of symbolism. When we boy to our God, this is the first step to show our weakness and humbleness to Allah. When we bow the second time putting our head on the floor, here we have two things: 1) this is the ultimate justification of our love, respect and willingness to obey the Lord’s orders and rules 2) putting our head and not only the head but 7 parts of the body( the forehead, the 2 hands, the 2 knees and the the 2 first parts of the feet-the toes) on the floor means and reminds us that we came from earth and one day we will come back to earth-into the grave.
    I hope that I ‘ve made some points clear and for more information you may read and do research about Islam and you can learn a lot. For american people, you have a great Islamic institution called Zaituna Institution where you can ask about this religion.
    your friend Ayman Belhiyad.

  8. Actually this photo shows the mentality of these people. bible should be there because it is changed every time. All christian will be killed by us if wwe are not a muslim.

  9. Danish – You are NOT a Danish person – you are a stinking islamic turd . and we are coming for you. You are also a moron – and dont speak about the bible becvause you know nothing about it. Your comment shows the mentality of islamists – and proves again that you are less than intelligent.

  10. Dont you just love the uneducated … dare I say idiotic .. bleatings from the mohammedan “contributors”.

  11. ‘Danish’, do not insult the Danish people by pretending that you are one!

    If you want a pen name to call yourself, may I suggest ‘Retardo-Boy’? It suits you to a ‘T’, judging by the garbage you’ve written.

  12. Actually a “Danish” is a pastry – the people from Denmark are the “Danes”. I didn’t know that they made pastry from faeces in mullah-world!

  13. Islamophobia and the way things are progressing adversely in Europe and the USA, it would appear that the time may soon come when another maniac in the form of the unmourned Hitler will come into being and create a holocaust to wipe out the Muslims from Europe and the USA as Hotler did to the Jews.

    The patience of most decent people will be running out with the rantings and demands by the Muslim refugees in these countries. Instead of being grateful for being given a home and decent tratement by the West, they ask for things that they had lived with in utter ignorance of morality or compassion in their impoverished tyrannical countries from which they fled in droves.

    God forbid that another massive Crusade to save Europe and the USA will find life and that Islamophobiawill not create a brood like the Nazis. A holocause of immense prportions will then arise.

    The Middle East is already weakened and brought to its knees by its own citizens. It is time for the Muslims to get out of Europe and the USA as soon as possible before a repeat of what happened to the Jews occurs again.

  14. “Instead of being grateful for being given a home and decent tratement by the West, they ask for things that they had lived with in utter ignorance of morality or compassion in their impoverished tyrannical countries from which they fled in droves.”

    Therein lies the rub. The soldiers of allah are not migrating for a better life, they are not running from dictatorship or oppression, they are coming a.) because they can, and b.) to make our society, the whole world, Islamic, which is their Islamic duty, their one and only purpose in life.

    The realization of that is slowly, slowly sinking in.

  15. oh my dear thing !!!!!!!!!!!!! what are you want to do with us ????????????? juste insulte us ok ok ok may God forgive you but the truth is Islam will overcome all and you know this bye

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