No Talib Left Behind


Won’t be long before the marines will be asked to share their beds with them. Any day now.

From “our humanity is killing us” department:  AP photos

Injured Taliban fighters receive medical treatment after they were captured, aboard an a Black hawk helicopter on a medevac mission, with U.S. Army flight medic Sgt. Michael G. Patangan, left, from Houston, Texas, and fellow flight medic Sgt. Bryan Eickelberg, of Arden Hills, Minn. , as they try to keep alive of two of three wounded Taliban fighters captured after a firefight, according to the Marines on the ground, over Marjah, Helmand province, southernAfghanistan, Saturday Feb. 13, 2010. The third is pictured at left and being guarded by a Marine MP, not pictured. Aero-medical crews of Task Force Pegasus are positioned throughout southern Afghanistan.

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4 thoughts on “No Talib Left Behind”

  1. I know this might be out of context but Jude had written a spiritual warning some 2000 years ago that may have some application to the act of mercy some of the Nato soldiers are carrying out:

    …. Save others by snatching them from the fire. To others, show mercy with fear, hating even the clothes stained by their sinful lives …

    And what better words than those spoken by our Lord and saviour to highlight the image: “But I tell you who hear me: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, …” Luke 6:27

    NATO may not be a Christian entity, but Western civilization is soaked in Biblical ethics whether we like it or not.

  2. Tamimi, I wish you’d look at these images and describe to us what you see.

    Had Taliban caught wounded NATO soldiers, do you suppose they’d have enough heads for an evening football game?

  3. ‘nolaughingmatter February 14, 2010 at 6:37 am’

    Point well made!

    This article encapsulates the very basis of our opposing values between the Judeao-Christian West and the Muslims.

    Long will We reign!

  4. Don’t expect gratitude. They hate people who try to save their lives. It rob them of the opportunity to go to Janna and collect their promised 72 full bosomed maidens of paradise.

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