Norway: Rabble Rousing Muselmaniac Escapes in a Hurry

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“I’m off to the best place in the world – it’s so wonderful,” said the reserved  Mohyeldeen Mohammad at the airport.

Mohyeldeen Mohammad was the Norwegian Muslim terrorist who opened the Norwegians’ eyes to the reality of the Muslim invasion of Norway. First he threatened Norway with its own September 11 type of Muslim terror attacks, should the Norwegian Muslims continue to feel disrespected.

Then he declared that all homos should be executed by stoning them to death. When that did not stir up enough headlines for him, he threatened to kill Dagbladet newspaper’s journalists.

“I’m not certain I’ll even return to Norway. I’ve got another homeland too, you know. There are opportunities for Muslim terrorist everywhere.”

On Sunday he was at the airport with a bag and a ticket to Medina, Saudi Arabia, where  he is studying sharia and Wahhabi jihadism.

He says he is not returning.

We say good riddance to bad rubbish. But what are the odds he’ll be back?

Update: the learned  Koranimal left his daddy behind, and he also wants to kill all homo’s!

“All gays should be killed.”


3 thoughts on “Norway: Rabble Rousing Muselmaniac Escapes in a Hurry”

  1. We say good riddance to bad rubbish. But what are the odds he’ll be back?

    Are you kidding? I regard Muslims as parasites (they like to call it Jizya). I don’t think I know of any parasite that voluntarily leaves its host.

  2. I reckon Norway should cancel his citizenship and put his name on the international hit list. Muslims tend to forget that there are many gay men in their own communities. I know this for a fact as I have see so many of them in India. They are called ‘Hijadahs’ and they are all good, faithful muslim male whores. There are also many muslim women who are whores and beggars. These people do not look after their own and a classic example is when Indonesia was hit by the Tsunami, Australia gave these miserable curs $one billion. How much did their Arab, muslim brothers give them? Jack shit.

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