Not a burqa in sight

That’s because nun’s don’t  jihad:

No Political Correctness here: lets celebrate ‘diversity’ by promoting  homosexuality and ridiculing those who actually  help people in need.

Andrew Bolt: Let’s all show our tolerance by sneering at Micks

Gay pride: Top cop Simon Overland joins in the celebrations in St Kilda.

One of our waning sources of moral authority trawls for popularity by siding against a needed other. And the bizarre thing is that endorsing the mockery of Catholics is actually hailed by the Chief Commissioner as gesture of tolerance:

POLICE Chief Commissioner Simon Overland received a rousing reception at yesterday’s gay pride march.  Hundreds of supporters cheered and wolf whistled as Mr Overland, joined by members of Victoria Police, marched down Fitzroy St, St Kilda.

“Never in my life have I experienced the sort of reception and the sort of welcome that we got walking down the street to Catani Gardens today, it was just unbelievable,” Mr Overland said…

It’s a message to the broader community about tolerance and inclusivity,” he said.

One thought on “Not a burqa in sight”

  1. So it is ok to make fun of Catholic nuns but please , please dear God don’t make fun of us “We’re Gay.”
    Why does inclusivity EXCLUDE so many people?

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