Ooops, what went wrong here?


Hanson was guilty of questioning multiculturalism. Incompetent Labor hack  QUEENSLAND Premier Anna Bligh says she’s glad to see the end of One Nation. More>>

Andrew Bolt

ANTI-immigration mouthpiece Pauline Hanson is packing up her bags and emigrating.  She is departing for a new life in the UK, claiming that Australia is no longer the land of opportunity.

My KRuddness!

And that’s actually what is meant to be his strength

Age diplomatic editor Daniel Flitton checks the scorecard of the Prime Minister whose greatest expertise was in foreign affairs:

Let’s run through a quick list.

Relations with India? Stuffed.

China? Edgy and hostile.

Indonesia? Tense.

Japan? Sour.

Fiji? Suva kicked out our high commissioner.

Not a great record, you’d have to say.

But Flitton argues that “the broader strategic context is important”, and tries to give some to make Rudd’s record seem less, well, terrible.

But I must say that what Lee Kuan Yew, the power behind Singapore’s throne, says of Rudd in not-so-private is close to unprintable.

KRudd: Epic Fail!

In other news:

Election coming up: KRudd spends your tax- money for mulitculti pork

Correction: its Fergie, but the same source….

3 thoughts on “Ooops, what went wrong here?”

  1. “ANTI-immigration mouthpiece Pauline Hanson is packing up her bags and emigrating. She is departing for a new life in the UK, claiming that Australia is no longer the land of opportunity.”

    Uh, ooohhhh! Wait till she gets there. SHE IS IN FOR A BIG, BIG, SURPRISE and will quickly scurry back ‘home’

  2. Pauline like the majority of australians is only 1-3 generations on. There is probably about 4 million people like myself who only can hold an Australian passport. We are the ones who have to deal with the consequence of multiculturalism and the social engineering that is happening. We, like most South Africans have no right of return to Europe. I was kicked out of England in 2003 and sent back to Australia, didn’t matter that most of my ancestry is Welsh and Scottish -more indigenous than the English. Australia is not the same country of the 1970s where there was plenty of opportunity and you could buy a house. Mass immigration has destroyed the society that the 4 million real Australians created. People have been calling for a halt to immigration since the 1920s! We will never be given a say on it…could end up even in jail. Poor fellow my country. Maybe Pauline can be a mouthpiece for the BNP. How many times have recent immigrants called on her to go back to England etc. Well now she will. So immigrants in the UK can go back to their countries. She will have more to get angry about back in the UK that is for sure. They are way down the tubes. You can’t fly a St george flag but you can scream death to the Jews.

  3. Australia will RUE the day their mangy politicians ridiculed and mocked this true, blue Aussie lady. Can’t say the same for the bastards in Canberra and the labour run states. Our country is going from bad to worse with scum entering the country from all sides to ensure labour continues to hold power. The recent bye elections in Altona is spelling the end of the labour party in Victoria. Australia needs Pauline Hansen, because the time will come and no one will be found to challenge the decisions taken by the wimps in Parliament.

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