Oslo paralyzed: 1000 Mohammedan taxi drivers protest Muhammed cartoons

Oslo: 1000 taxi drivers protest Muhammed cartoon

Not many of us realize that The Jyllands-Posten Cartoonists were not the first victims of the cartoon war between the Western Democracies and Islam. A young Israeli citizen, Tatiana Sushkin, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, was arrested in June 1997 by the Israeli police for trying to attach one of her drawings, which depicted Muhammad as a pig on one of the Hebron shops.

The Israelis caved to the Arab and international pressure and the poor 28 year old Tatiana was sentenced to 2 years of jail for of incitement, racism and endangering world peace. Source

“We’re reacting to the abuse of freedom of speech”

Nobody seems to be asking why are there 1000 Mohammedan taxi drivers in Oslo……?

Islam in Europe

This has been a developing story this past week. It seems, though, that despite Abid Q. Raja’s ‘concerns’, it’s not the link itself that bothered Muslims.

Earlier this week Abid Q. Raja (Liberal Party) voiced his concern about a link on the PST (Police Security Service) Facebook page to a cartoon portraying Muhammad as a pig writing in the Koran. He said he received phone-calls from Muslims who were deeply and intensely insulted and sad about it. He said he himself, as a very liberal Muslim, feels the cartoon in his heart, spine and soul. He said he thinks it’s a scandal the PST did not realize the explosiveness in this cartoon and was afraid that it could cause violence in both Norway and Pakistan.

Abid Q. Raja called on the PST heads and justice minister Knut Storberget to take complete responsibility for it and to apologize that the cartoon was available through the PST site. He said he was afraid of the consequences if they don’t, but that he and other liberal Muslims would do everything they could to calm down the community. But, he said, Norwegians shouldn’t be naive. “Think when this reaches the closed communities. Think when the mullahs see this. They’ll tear out their beards.”

He’s skeptical about the fact that the PST is active on the site, and yet didn’t remove the link. In response, PST said they remove all inappropriate content and whatever breaks their rules.


A thousand Muslim taxi drivers parked their cars in the center of Oslo Friday night, in protest of Dagbladet’s printing of the Muhammad cartoon. An ambulance was obstructed as a result of the protest.

A warning was given of the spontaneous demonstration on Friday evening, and the initiators called on taxi drivers to stop their cars from 2AM to 4AM.

At 3AM, close to a thousand taxi drivers followed the request, reported NRK from the center of Oslo.

Rashad Munir, one of the taxi drivers who demonstrated Saturday night, told NTB that taxi drivers with an Islamic affiliation from both Oslo and Akershus participated in the protest, and also drivers who weren’t working.

The protested proceeded peacefully and the police were content to call the drivers to ensure free passage for emergency vehicles.

On Wednesday Dagbladet published a caricature of the prophet Muhammad on its front page, as an illustration to a story about the PST linking to the controversial cartoons on its website.

Muslim taxi drivers in the capital responded harshly to the newspaper’s reprinting of the cartoon.

“We’re reacting to the abuse of freedom of speech. What we’re doing isn’t any violent planning, but we want to show that we’re against our values being abused,” says one of the drivers, Rashad Munir to VG Nett.

An ambulance was obstructed by the protest.

Ola Borstad of the ambulance department at the emergency center in Oslo and Akershus said that cars stood in the way and the ambulance couldn’t drive as it should have. Instead the ambulance personnel had to drive on a different route. It took a few minutes longer than it otherwise would have, but there was never any danger for the patient’s life.

Borstad says that ambulance personnel are familiar with obstructions on the road. Cars parked incorrectly and snow often cause problems, but it’s more unusual that such a demonstration would do so.

Knickerbomber update:

Knickerbomber turns on  U.S.-born Yemeni radical Anwar al-Awlaki, his mentor & ‘spiritual advisor’…. Btw: his father is also the mother of the Nigerian jihad and the grey eminence of sharia finance….

Abdulmutallab agreed to cooperate after FBI agents flew to Nigeria and returned to the U.S. with Abdulmutallab’s family members. In a federal prison outside Detroit, Abdulmutallab’s father and uncle persuaded him to cooperate with the FBI, according to a U.S. official briefed on the talks who also spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing case.  More from AP

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  1. ‘ Nobody seems to be asking why are there 1000 Mohammedan taxi drivers in Oslo……? ‘

    Solution: No more taxi rides in Oslo. Walk or car pool.

    Result: No more business for 1000 taxi drivers so they get deported.

  2. We have a saying here that translates to this: “Does anyone invite the bear into his vineyard?”

    The bear my friends is not leaving anytime soon.

  3. I grew up in Iran, and i personally think Mohammad is at his best an a..hole. thank you

  4. Thanks Farhad,
    many muslims and ex-muslims agree with you, and hopefully more like you will be courageous enough to say this to the faces of the brain dead mohammedan mob that is just about to start screaming down our streets. mohammed at his best was a murderer, rapist, and an A…-Hole

  5. he is the best human being Allah has created on earth..Inshalah the World will realize it some day..plz stop making cartoons n exploiting religion Islam..if the muslims are not doing anything against ur religion then y the hell u are exploiting them…Live n let live

  6. mohamed – you are an idiot – thank you for demonstrating that you are a complete looser and mindless twit.

    mohammed was a rapist and a criminal, but why should a silly muslim be concerned with the truth when they are living a lie every day. How are we exploiting muslims you twit. Muslims have NOTHING worth exploiting!

  7. Agreed Sheik,

    But therein lies the Mohammedan strategy. Keep redefining the color black long enough and often enough in the hope that the old definition is forgotten.

    The best answer is to throw their s____ back into their faces. It is non-violent and, given the lack of intellectual capability (or scholarship – here I will claim that memorising a book without understanding is NOT scholarship) in the mohammedan armaments, highlights their inferiority.l

  8. So, don’t you think you know anything about Islam ?

    Okay lets gather points of views. Sheikh what do you know about Islam ?
    What is Islam to you ? What is your religion already ?!

    And about the Jihad .. you spoke about .. you only know one thing about jihad and oh no it’s not true Jihad to you is just … bombing yourself while saying Allahu Akbar in anyone you don’t like or just bomb yourself into some tourists or else and that proves how pathetic you are. Jihad in Islam (Real Islam According to Sunna[those who follow Muhammed PBUH in his deeds] & Quran) Jihad is fighting yourself to do all the good deeds you can do like jihad in yourself to be a better man/woman who can help everyone and serve the society i wonder why here in Egypt we don’t bomb each others and kill each others ALTHOUGH we live with Coptic-Christians i wonder why they are not dead yet! or Bombed yet!! i wonder how the Islam religion still here since more than 1430 years .. well i see your jealousy 🙂 and i know how it is. Because if Islam was based on BOMBING!! Then you wouldn’t have been born yet 😀 i can assure you that point. Because simply if we kept bombing around in the whole world just like idiots 😀 we’ll end up out numbered .. you just do not want to see the truth probably you are an ignorant masonic/or whatever you are you really proved to me as a Muslim that i’m in the right place ^^ people always stand against the good people. So now i know from the corrupted media and you are a tool of them that i’m in the right place. I’m a Muslim. Also you shiekh is a closed minded you should read more about Islam and Quran. It’s a religion of peace n happiness 😀 maybe you do all of this just to get people for your Ads 😀 whatever you do you’ll always be Weak Pathetic n Fool human such as these deeds you do. You are harming and poisoning other’s humans with these poisonous ideas.

    NOW, Going back to that point about the Jihad. Oh well Jihad is divided into two parts :

    1) The great Jihad.
    2) The smaller Jihad.

    1) The Great Jihad: Is you fight yourself to be a better man that never stops working!! nor helping people and it’s the hardest kind of Jihad. Because you are like taming yourself to do the good deeds which is not usually common between us like helping the poor and who ever needs help. And to get more knowledge and to be a better human. Also our Religion Islam invites everyone to be a good human and to learn more about languages and people and do everything which is good. Also we have to be merciful with animals and with birds and every creature that Allah created for us. We are ordered to make use of our time, because Allah told us that he will ask us what did we do with the money and gifts he gave us! If we did good deeds with these gifts! We’ll just go to heaven if we miss use them we’ll probably go to hell.

    2) The smaller Jihad: Is you Fight the enemies who came to conquer your country and that kind of Jihad you fight by your money and yourself and your body! Same with defending yourself against who came to kill you or your family or robe you.!!

    So just you never knew anything about Islam except through yellow pages such as this one!
    IF YOU DARE!!! Reply with the opposite of what i wrote. 🙂

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