Our New Friends, the Taliban

Spencer: Afghanistan: Friend of U.S. Troops Shoots U.S. Troops

NATO Chief: Yes, we’re paying the Taliban, but no, we’re not bribing them

They’re not bribes, see, because they don’t call them bribes. Dhimmitude from NATO: “NATO Chief: No Plan to ‘Bribe’ Taliban,” from AP, February 4 (thanks to Jihad Watch):

ISTANBUL (AP) — NATO does not intend to bribe Taliban guerrillas to defect to the Afghan government side as a way to end the war, alliance Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Thursday, dismissing concerns over the latest plan to end the country’s growing insurgency….On Wednesday, Afghan President Hamid Karzai visited Saudi Arabia, hoping the kingdom would help persuade Taliban militants to take part in a negotiated settlement to the war. Saudi Arabia has a unique relationship with the Taliban since it was one of the few countries to recognize its regime in Afghanistan before it was ousted in 2001.

Yeah, that’s gonna work. Anyway, here are the Bribes-By-Another-Name:

In a post on the alliance’s Web site ahead of a two-day meeting of NATO defense ministers in Istanbul to open Thursday evening, Fogh Rasmussen said a new $140 million trust fund would offer insurgents an alternative to remaining with the Taliban.

But no, these aren’t bribes! Fogh Rasmussen explains why not:

”Much attention is on the new reconciliation and reintegration effort initiated by the Afghan government. Questions were raised if we are bribing the Taliban just to get peace,” he said. ”I understand why this is a sensitive issue for many.”He said many rank-and-file insurgents were not fighting against the government and international troops for religious and ideological reasons.

”They fight for the Taliban for small amounts of money to simply make a living or for other grievances,” he said. ”What is on offer to them is the chance of a new life.”…

Oh, well, then, they’re not bribes!

Critics have noted that plans to persuade the Taliban to switch sides have existed for years, but these have generally been ineffective, attracting only the lowest-level fighters with no guarantees they wouldn’t return to the insurgency.And despite those incentives, the insurgency has expanded steadily. In 2004, NATO estimated that fewer than 400 Taliban were left in Afghanistan. By last year, that figure had grown to about 25,000, with the latest estimates in early 2010 raising that number to nearly 30,000….

Bombs and beatings: Life among the Taliban

BBCNEWS… In Pakistan an account of life with the Taliban has emerged from a 13-year-old girl called Meena, who says her own family tried to turn her into a suicide bomber. There is no independent confirmation of her account but police say they believe she is telling the truth, and her information could be valuable. Meena told her story to our Pakistan correspondent Orla Guerin.


My brother used to tell me that the place for a woman is either at home or in the grave. I was always restricted to home.

He said: “If you leave the house I’ll cut off your head and put it on your chest.” Read it all from Vlad Tepes

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  1. My guess is the Saudi’s have offered the Taliban lots of money to finish the jihad quickly, knowing that they, the Saudi’s, have no money. But by the time everyone finds that there is no money, the World will be in Islam’s vicious grip.

    Or so they plan!

    Oh, for the plans of mice and men!

  2. This plan begs the question, what in hell have the past eight years been about? The waste of our men and women, our billions of dollars, our time and heartache. Now our fearless leaders are going to negotiate with terrorists, bribe them to lay down their weapons and become decent, upstanding citizens. Yeah, that’ll work.

  3. Please DIGG this article.. every DIGG can get 1,000 extra views:


    Do these liberal politicians not understand Islam? The Socialists discount human nature, blaming everything on circumstance, so they believe that by throwing $$’s at Islamists, they will stop being.. well.. Islamists. Islam cannot be bought or sold. Islam is a one-world system that combines ritual, faith, politics and law.

    TRUE Islam is based on the Holy Q’ran and the Hadith of the Prophet Mohammed. As such, TRUE Islam can never exist within the democratic process. TRUE Muslims believe that the Q’ran is the Word of God. Even translation of the Q’ran from Arabic to other languages is considered heretical by a TRUE Muslim as Arabic is the Language of Heaven.

    Although Muslims worldwide are taught to recite the Q’ran, few can understand it. In the Q’ran, the earlier “peaceful” parts are abrograted by the later, violent passages. Muslim men must emulate the “Perfect Man” Mohammed. Such behaviour included 12 marriages and sex with a child (Aisha), slaves and concubines, rapes, warfare, conquests,
    and unmerciful butcheries including beheadings, drownings and burning. Mohammed’s life and the Life of Jesus could not have been more different. Violent jihad is the DUTY of every Muslim in “The House of War”, ie any country that is not entirely Islamic.

    This is just like the money that was paid to the Barbary Pirates to stop them attacking US ships and kidnapping sailors, holding them hostage in the early 19th Century. They were paying the Muslims 20% of GNP by the end, when Thomas Jefferson had enough and blasted the crap out of them! Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it, and every time you repeat it, the price goes up.

  4. Millions in defense, not one penny for tribute… Now when did that change to… Thank you for shooting at me can I buy you another bullet?

  5. Our Foreign Minister , Murray McCully, announced that we {NZ] would not be contributing to this fund and gave good reasons why not. Always good when a tiny country makes its own decisions..Mind you, we are just about broke anyway so there is not much to give..This govt also cut back on some of the overseas aid given by the previous communist regime.
    Our previous dictator bought her way into the United Nations job she now occupies by giving them huge donations..She was giving more to the United Nations than what Australia was giving…well why not it wasn’t her money. She is a dangerous women who mostly likely aspires to the top job at the UN..she is currently in the Third highest position…Now she is still giving other peoples money away , just more of it, in her ”development” position.

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