"Geert Wilders Just Like Hitler"- p # 2367

Robert Spencer:

Wilders stands up against a symbol of Islamic supremacism and subjugation of women. Read the comments at the Dutch News site, comparing him to Hitler — and then remember that it is the coreligionists of the headscarf wearers who are breathing threats and murder against others, boasting about how they are going to take over, threatening bomb attacks (and carrying some of them out), etc. The world is upside down when a man who is determined to stop the advance of all that in the name of freedom and democracy is smeared as a Nazi by those who are enabling it to happen.

We will prevail, the truth will prevail, the human spirit will prevail, but it will be a long hard fight. Eye of the tiger, baby.

“Wilders goes for headscarf ban in the Hague,” from Dutch News/JW

Now we have our anti-jihad theme song

A ban on headscarves for city council workers and in all institutions and clubs which get local authority money will be the most important point in the PVV´s negotiations to join governing coalitions in Almere and the Hague, says party leader Geert Wilders.

The ban will apply to ‘all council offices and all other institutions and clubs which get even one cent of council money,’ he said.

The ban will not apply to other religious items such as Christian crosses and Jewish skull caps because these are symbols of our own Dutch culture, Wilders said in his speech, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd.

The speech began with a ‘lengthy tirade’ against the ‘arrogant Labour party’, according to the Volkskrant report of the meeting. ‘If you translate the PvdA’s Arabic language election brochures they say ‘bring your family here. You get benefits, we pay for everything’, the Volkskrant quoted the PVV leader as saying.

‘Almere must become the safest city in the Netherlands,’ he said. ‘There will be an end to subsidies for Turkish macramé and Arabic finger painting. Not just the Netherlands but all of Europe will look to Almere.’…

Pakistan, Iran, Philippines

Jihad Diversity Watch:

Virgins? Me thinks not:

Nope, no “Islamophobia” here, oddly enough! Actually the perpetrator was a jihad/martyrdom bomber, hoping to reap the Qur’an’s promise of Paradise for those who “kill and are killed” for Allah (9:111).

“Pakistan suicide attack kills 3, wounds dozens,” from AP/JW

Only Allah knows best: I say let him sort ’em out!

Iran’s opposition leader says mullahs are misunderstanders of Islam

To be precise, at least according to this AP report, he said that “a dictatorial cult is ruling Iran in the name of Islam.” So presumably he thinks that Islam actually teaches something other than what the mullahs represent and teach. It would be interesting if he were to spell this out, since everywhere in the world where we have seen Islamic Republics and other self-styled Islamic polities, they don’t differ significantly from what we see in Iran.

And with Sharia on the confident advance in the West, this is a pressing question. “Opposition leader: A cult ruling Iran,” from The Associated Press, February 27:

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s opposition leader says a dictatorial cult is ruling Iran in the name of Islam.The criticism was the strongest yet by Mir Hossein Mousavi…..

Today's Offerings from the RoP

Kumbaya Jambalaya via Politically Incorrect:

“Islam and Christianity becoming more alike”

Its no longer what is, its what you want to see:

While Islam becomes even more radical, and 200-300 million Christians worldwide, 80% of which live in Muslim countries — and in Turkey — are being persecuted, threatened and murdered, Radio Vatican happily cited the French philosopher Olivier Roy, who informs us that Islam and Christianity in Europe are becoming more like each other. [mehr]

Jihad Watch:

Liberia Jihad:

Religion of Peace:

How to Stifle Speech: The West is “accepting government prohibitions on the thoughts we may express, allowing extremists to shout us down and shut us up, and self-censoring out of fear or faux-sensitivity.”  (TownHall.com)

Muslim Dominance in Europe – By the Slice: Tales from the crypt that used to be the cradle of Western civilization. (FSM)

Terrorists to be ‘de-radicalised’ in NSW supermax


The New South Wales Government says five men sentenced for terrorism offences earlier this month will be put through a “de-radicalisation” program in prison.

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Egyptian Muslim cleric: "Brothers, we pray to Allah that we be terrorists, if terror means Jihad for the sake of Allah"

I love honest Mohammedans. Whenever they tell the truth, sparks fly:

Recently there was some controversy over whether Joseph Stack’s flying an airplane into a building in Texas ought to be called “terrorism.” CAIR was complaining that only Muslims are ever labeled terrorists, which of course is patently false, but in any case I think the whole discussion was based on false premises. Anyone can apply the label “terrorism” to anything he wishes. The focus of this site has never been “terrorism” as such. What is more important is the ideology motivating the act of “terrorism,” and at this site what I have been doing for over six years now is tracking the advances (and very occasional setbacks) of those who hold to the ideology and belief-system of Islamic jihad, as rooted in the Qur’an and Sunnah. That jihad advances by means of acts of terror, i.e., assaults on civilian populations designed to demoralize and weaken an enemy, but also by other means.

This cleric’s statement is interesting because he forthrightly avows that jihad does involve what most Westerners think of as terrorism; he is refreshingly forthright amid all the steaming piles of Jihad-Is-An-Inner-Spiritual-Struggle that Islamic apologists routinely serve up in the West.

“We are a nation that excels in the production of the art of death. That’s why our enemies are terrified of us.”

“Egytpian [sic] Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim: We Pray to Allah That We Be Terrorists, If Terror Means Jihad,” from MEMRI, February 4-14 (thanks to JW):

The following excerpts are from an interview with Egyptian cleric Wagdi Ghoneim, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on February 4-14, 2010.February 4, 2010:

Wagdi Ghoneim: God did not say that there was only one way to conduct Jihad, and if you missed it – that’s it. No, Jihad is a huge issue. Surat Al-‘Ankaboot ends with: “Those who strive in our [cause] – We will guide them to Our paths.” Our paths, not our path. “Path” would have meant that there is only one. But there are “paths.”

What are the paths of Jihad? One is the Jihad of the soul. If you cannot get up in time for morning prayer – you are hopeless. Hopeless. How will you sacrifice your life, if you can’t sacrifice a few hours of sleep? If you are asleep and snoring during morning prayer – will you sacrifice your life? That is why the accursed Zionist Jews said that so long as the number of Muslims who pray in the morning prayer is less than the number of Muslims who pray in the Friday prayer, the Zionist entity is safe.


We are a nation that excels in the production of the art of death. Sheik Hassan Al-Bana said that we are a nation that excels… “To excel” means that we are very good at… At what? At the production of the art of death. I will die anyway, so I should be creative to make sure my death is for the sake of Allah. We should think how to die for the sake of Allah, rather than be run over by a car on the highway.

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Obambi Watch

Atlas Shrugs:

Obama campaigned on the promise of recognizing the Armenian genocide, but reneged.  His co-religionist Keith Ellison blames the country that gave him everything:

Muslim Congressman Ellison Won’t Call Armenian Genocide — Instead Calls On America to Recognize “Its Own Genocide”

President F***k You Flips Off the American People

Weasel Zippers:

Van Jones: Now That I’ve Been Exposed as a Raving Lunatic I’m Going to be a “Bridge Builder”…

Gateway Pundit:

Change!… Majority of Americans Say Current Government Is a Threat to Citizen’s Rights

Van Jones: Not Just a Commie, Truther, & Liar… But a Saddam Supporter, Too

And, then there’s this… On the February 19, 2003 edition of MSNBC’s “The Abrams Report,” guest commenter Van Jones stunned the other guests when he praised as “heroes” the traitors who were traveling from the U.S. to Iraq for the purpose of acting as “human shields” for Saddam Hussein.

MSNBC refuses to release video of Van Jones praising traitors as “heroes”.

Van Jones currently works a couple of blocks from the White House at the Center for American Progress run by former Clinton chief of staff John Podesta and envisioned by George Soros. The center helped launch Media Matters For America in 2004.

The NAACP will honor Van Jones tonight with an Image Award.

Nothing is quite what it seems with the O-bastard…..

Moralizing Lefty Loons, Israel & Anti-Semitism

Slippery when wet:

we all know that the left wants to be in charge, but don’t count on them taking responsibility:

Andrew Bolt’s got an update on If more Muslims are truly a problem…

Fraser did a Garrett on refugees

A has-been politician condemns  Israel’s suspected hit on Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, the supplier of arms for Hamas terrorists:

Mr Fraser said the Jewish state could no longer use the Holocaust as an excuse to justify state-sanctioned murder, and criticism of its policies should not be dismissed as anti-Semitism.

The first thing to say about Fraser’s claim is that it’s false. If Israel killed Mabhouh, it was not because of the Holocaust but because of the threat he posed to the lives of Israelis today. The second thing to say is that given this undoubted fact, Fraser’s suggestion that Jews are just trading on the Holocaust dead is morally despicable, and bordering on anti-Semitism.

I’d say anti-semitism comes with the territory….

In other news:

Why not ask Egypt to open up?

US Secretary of State, Mideast envoy Mitchell tell visiting Israeli defense minister they hope to see progress on easing of siege on Hamas-ruled territory. Barak: Issue complicated by continued captivity of ShalitClinton presses Barak on blockade of Gaza Strip

Defense minister says Israeli public will support compromise with Palestinians at ‘moment of truth’Barak says partner needed for peace talks

Hezbollah chief tells Syrian, Iranian presidents ‘Zionist regime engaging in psychological warfare’Nasrallah: Israel incapable of starting war

More Dhimmitude Every Day

Danish paper caves to Muslim intimidation, apologizes for publishing Motoons

Another embarrassing media sellout:   A DANISH newspaper was accused yesterday of betraying press freedom after it apologised to Muslims for offence caused by its reprinting a cartoon showing the Prophet Mohammed with a bomb-shaped turban. More>>

Foto Montage of the Day from Tundra Tabloids:

Islam in Europe

Netherlands: Crown-Prince studied Islam

Wanna bet that he studied the neutered version for infidel consumption with explanations from Koran Armstrong and Johnny Esposito?

Liverpool: Police officers to protect hijab-girls on buses

No hijab mama left behind…. and I thought the police was supposed to protect us…!

Wilders enemies are trying to smear him with 9-year old movie

Netherlands: Islam should be respected, says.. Wilders

The world moved on, but some are stuck on stoopid and go snooping in Wilders past….

Atlas Shrugs: Infiltration Watch

Muslim Congressmen Ellison Won’t Call Armenian Genocide Instead Calls On America to Recognize “Its Own Genocide”

Blackmailing Switzerland To Build More Mosques & Minarets?

The rumpled rockstar of the Libyan desert  knows how to wack the infidels into submission:

Jihad against Switzerland in the Gaddafi fashion:

Hostage taking, threats of jihad terrorism, financial jihad and throwing Swiss citizens in jail on trumped up charges;  looks like Gaddafi follows the traditions of the Dey’s, the Islamic rulers before him, better known as the Barbary Pirates, who made history with extortion, blackmail and slavery…..

“Any Muslim in any part of the world who works with Switzerland is an apostate, is against (the Prophet) Mohammed, God and the Koran,” Colonel Gaddafi said at a rally broadcast on television.

He made the speech to mark the Prophet’s birthday, ensuring that many Arabs would take the call seriously.

“The masses of Muslims must go to all airports in the Islamic world and prevent any Swiss plane landing, to all harbours and prevent any Swiss ships docking,” he said, apparently unaware that Switzerland does not have a merchant navy, or coast.

MUAMMAR Gaddafi has appealed for jihad against Switzerland, long regarded as one of the most peaceful nations.


A Swiss Mosque leader spills the beans:

“In my opinion, this is a purely political matter between Libya and Switzerland, and has nothing to do with Islam or with Muslims,” said Omar el-Sanie, the director of Geneva’s mosque, who laughed when he heard Gadhafi’s statement.

“Do you know what the word jihad means? It means you have to sacrifice your life for what you are doing. God knows why he said that,” el-Sanie told the AP. (I’m sure now we can all sleep better)

The Libyan leader’s call for a holy war was a response to a Swiss referendum in November to ban the construction of minarets on mosques.

It is the low point in a relationship that has deteriorated since 2008 when Colonel Gaddafi’s son Hannibal was briefly detained in Geneva after allegedly beating his servants.

“Any Muslim in any part of the world who works with Switzerland is an apostate, is against (the Prophet) Mohammed, God and the Koran,” Colonel Gaddafi said at a rally broadcast on television.

He made the speech to mark the Prophet’s birthday, ensuring that many Arabs would take the call seriously.

“The masses of Muslims must go to all airports in the Islamic world and prevent any Swiss plane landing, to all harbours and prevent any Swiss ships docking,” he said, apparently unaware that Switzerland does not have a merchant navy, or coast.

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Australian Border Protection: the navy ships that should be patrolling & securing our borders have become “official greeters” for Muslim invaders…

More boats, more votes for his KRuddness. But hey, not to worry, they’re just  “unauthorized arrivals…”

Andrew Bolt:

Come in and help yourself

Some border protection we’ve got there:

A boat carrying 45 asylum seekers has been intercepted off Australia’s north west coast.

Border protection authorities found the boat about five nautical miles west of Christmas Islandovernight.

So what’s that navy boat we’ve got there? It doesn’t look like a tug…:

Jihad News

Stampede in Timbuktu Kills 26 Mosqueteers

Timbuktu, in the Sahara Desert, was once a centre of Islamic learning. (That sure helped them to advance civilization, lets go and learn something!/ed)

Londonistan: Ed Husain sez we need more fartwas

Fartwa against Jihad

Sadly, we all remember the death warrant on Salman Rushdie but next month a fatwa against terrorism will be delivered.

Ed Husein is a “moderate pretender”, one of Britain’s kumbaya Muslims, paid  for by the delusional Nullabor gov’t to pull the Islamic wool over infidel eyes and ears… (I can’t wait to see  this fartwa, Eddie!)

Iran: Nine Christians arrested amid crackdown

Will the Christianophobia never end? (JW)

The ENEMY Within

British Muslim Fanatics Cheer Soldiers Deaths

Sedition is a word that is seldom used today in our Multicultural PC world, but Islam is behind the erosion of our society in so many ways. From our Government, to our Military, to our Police, to our Legal system, to our Education system, Stealth Jihad is alive and flourishing.Looks like we need a lot more interfaith-kumbaya….More>>

There is no compulsion in religion:

(Reuters) - French aid worker Pierre Camatte, who returned to France on Thursday after being freed from captivity by North African al Qaeda militants, said his captors tried repeatedly to convert him to Islam.

More from the ROP:

Prison Jihad USA

CAIR Looks to Turn American Convicts into Soldiers of Allah…

Syed Arsalan Bukhari, executive director of the Washington CAIR chapter, issued an Internet call last week saying that “Muslim volunteers” are “direly needed in the 20 or so state institutions across our state to lead study/discussion/halaqah sessions for inmates, lead prayers and just generally insure that inmates are receiving the services they need.”

CAIR’s ties to Hamas and its chronic support for alleged terrorists and their financiers might give corrections officials pause about the wisdom of such a relationship with the organization. Those ties appear to be the focus of a federal grand jury investigation in Washington, D.C. Bukhari’s own statements might add to that concern:  More>>